Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Shimmering crystals from heaven

OK, so today I had a great run. I'm sure it was because I was a slacker and woke up when my body said to get up...8:00. (I know! Cool, huh?)

Anyway, when I went out the door it had rained, the ground was wet, the air smelled so delicious, and I felt well rested after more than 8 hours of sleep! It's been a while since I had that much sleep. Niiiiice! Of course I took my running partner of 10 years, Griffey the family dog. He was feeling frisky, as is par for the course when he sees me in my running attire... and went about his normal business of emptying his bladder on every bush and fence post he could get away with.

As we made our way along our normal route, I started to feel drops on my face. Then the drops started coming down hard and fast but instead of normal drops, these raindrops looked like shimmering crystals raining from the sky. The reflection from the sun which was peeking its warm head from behind numerous gray clouds, made this awesome spectacle for, it seemed like, ONLY ME to enjoy! The rays of sunlight started to pierce their way through the gray clouds showering the foothills with brilliant light and illumination unlike anything I've seen before.

Yes, it was a beautiful morning!

Here are some reasons I love to run:
1. The happy, yummy, delicious, wonderful endorphins my brain releases!
2. The way my mind is clearer than at any other time of day!
3. I notice a lot of different things along my route that I wouldn't normally recognize if I drove past them.
4. I get to "bond" with Griffey.
5. I get to wear short shorts... oooh la la!
6. I love a good sweat!
7. I enjoy feeling my heart pounding and listening to my heavy breathing. Seriously.
8. The sweet smells of flowers, trees, and sagebrush. Yummm!
9. The beautiful scenery on my various running routes.
10. The happy, yummy, delicious, wonderful endorphins my brain releases! (Yes, I know I mentioned that twice - it's the best reason to run!)

Things I don't like about a run:
1. Griffey relieving himself on neighbor's lawns (yikes) or in front of Albertson's entrance (ewww).
2. Griffey getting too old to keep up with me - he is 77 years old after all. Sigh.
3. Other dogs wanting a bite of Griffey. (At least it's not a bite of me!)
4. Treadmills. I really dislike treadmills.
5. Yep, there are only 4 reasons I don't like to run.

Hope this wasn't a snore, but I had such a great morning today: It was spiritually uplifting, mentally engaging, and physically rewarding. That's how I'd like to be able to begin each day, wouldn't you?


Tracy said...

Kris - you go, girl! I wish I could run, and I wish I could find reasons to love it too - you are awesome - what a great morning you had! I want one of those!!

Ashlee said...

I'd like to begin each day like that---if I liked to run. Yikes! I agree with your friend Tracy...You go, girl!!!

Grouchygrams said...

Kris, I love reading your blog...and you said you didn't think you would be able to do it!! You make me smile,laugh, cry and ponder the little things in life like shmmering crystals from heaven!! Your awesome...keep up the great work.


Amanda said...

Oh how I love to run. If only we lived closer and could be running partners....hmmmmm....Right now I'm just trying to convince my tired body to cooperate so I can start running in the mornings again! Muah! Love ya,

Nisa said...

I know I'm not a true runner when I love treadmills. But there is something wonderful about knowing that you can get off and not doing it. I also hate how much my feet hurt runnign on the pavement as opposed to the treadmill - of course that may have something to do with the 35 pounds I'm lumping along with me.