Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Here's to raising good women...

I came across this inspirational saying and had to include it on my blog due to the fact that I am intently trying to raise 3 good women in my home while trying to be one myself.

It's difficult at times when hormones are heavy in the air.

Or when we each want to be a mother to a certain young 10 year old boy in the family.

Or when we disagree on what constitutes a "clean" room, bathroom, or kitchen.

Or when no one wants to answer the phone when it rings right where we're sitting.

Or when the Disney channel is labeled as "good tv".

Or when clean, folded clothes get trampled under foot in the bedroom.

Yes, I'm trying to raise 3 good women. There are lots of life lessons to teach and I feel overwhelmed at times. But when I take each day as it comes and realize my deep love for them, understanding that they won't truly appreciate what I'm doing until they have children of their own, it seems just fine.

Here's to good women: I was raised by one, I know LOTS of them, I'm trying to raise 3 of them, and I'm trying to be one of them.


Nisa said...

I can't wait for the someday when my children's little ones trample their freshly folded laundry!!!

Ashlee said...

You have, and are raising 3 FABULOUS women!!! But I agree, we were raised by one good woman, one great woman.
Love You!

Tracy said...

I really liked this post, Kris! You are doing a fantastic job, your daughters have a great example in their home of what a good woman is! I too, am trying to raise 3 good women - it's a tough job!

Tracy said...

by the way, while I read this post, I was taken back in time as I listened to Def Leopard - and Chip loved it!

Stephanie said...

Not only are you a a fantastic mom and a great woman, you have excellent taste in music!! Def Leppard!! All the old rock. Yay!

Holly said...

Kris - I've thought you were fantastic since the day I met you. You are the one who told me not to iron my husband Kenyon's shirts because he could do it on his own....17 years later he still irons his own clothes! Your daughters are all amazing, kind and generous. You are doing a great job. Let me know when I can send Willow and Grace your way.=)
Love, Holly

The Ball Babies said...

Wow, Holly, I can't believe I said that! Way to go, Girl! I'm glad he knows what an iron is!!!

Love ya! Kris