Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our newest "Brace Face"

Teeth have been the subject at our house lately. Payton is missing 6 permanent teeth and will eventually have to have something done.. you know, braces on the top teeth, caps on the babies on the bottom, eventually implants in the lower jaw - and not just one implant, S.I.X. oohhh, I'm not looking forward to that! Lindsay has practically perfect teeth thanks to excellent permanent top teeth coming in and filling out her cute signature gap! Alyssa has teeth that I think are very nice, but, alas, they are not to her liking. Since we want her to be a happy camper, and since senior pictures are coming up, we decided to put braces on her as well BUT, not in the form of traditional ones, nope, she gets INVISALIGN! Yep, the ortho told her she was a perfect candidate for those plastic little trays that can be taken out during eating and brushing. Let's just remember to put them back in, please! And now we get to Kourtni. Of course she is a good candidate for invisalign as well due to the fact that she and Alyssa have identical chompers - but - she isn't a senior in high school and she'll have a lot on her mind besides putting trays in and out of her mouth when she eats at the delicious bistro they call the lunch room once school starts again! She needed something permanently attached to those pearlies, so we opted for the heavy metal version.

We're new to braces. Bill never had them and neither did I (maybe in the future, though!), so we aren't very sympathetic or knowledgeable. All the food I had in the house when Kourtni got them on were steak, apples, jerky, chips, and carmels. Not exactly brace"able" food!

After a couple of miserable days and people telling Kourtni that she would feel better in about a month (wow, that's a long time for Kourtni to be miserable.), we made her comfortable with Advil and Advil PM. For several days her diet consisted of: partially microwaved popsicles, applesauce, fruit smoothies, ice cream shakes, soggy cereal, chicken noodle soup, shaved ice, and yogurt.

***Note to self: no more steak, jerky, carmels or whole apples when a child gets braces placed upon their teeth...

Thankfully, after 4 days, Kourtni is back to her cheerful self minus the sad looks, blue moods, and painful expressions. Only one year to go!


Tracy said...

Like I told you Kourtni, you are such a pretty girl, that it simply doesn't matter! Besides, I think the braces are cute!!

Alyssa Ball said...

ohhhh i miss you guys a lot!
haha see you soon!
and just tell kourtni the guys ALWAYS go for the girls with braces in junior high :]

Stephanie said...

The braces look very cute! I always wanted them when I was a kid. :) Lucky!

Steph Whitted

Holly said...

Kourtni - You look fabulous! Even my co-workers all commented on how cute that first picture is. We sure miss you all!