Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Fabulous Fourth

Happy belated 4th of July! We had a day of Alyssa-less activities due to the fact that she stayed in Idaho Falls with Julie and Lexi after her college road trip with Bill. So, it was just the 5 of us! We miss you, Alyssa! Come home soon!

Bill and I started our day off by playing our new sport that makes us feel old - TENNIS! Yes, we bought rackets, balls, and cute carrying cases. We like to spend time together chasing balls around a huge dog kennel! teehee! It was fun and we got into the spirit of Wimbledon! We even watched Nadal play some poor German guy and whoop his behind! (Bill was Nadal and I was the poor German guy...)

Anyway, our friends the Schultz's invited us to their shindig, and what a party it was - complete with a giant water slide, good food, Sonic ice in a cup (thanks for the tip Tracy and Beth - I'm officially addicted to those delicious nuggets of happiness), yummy desserts, lots of red vines, and plenty of laughs. Thanks, Chip and Tracy! We had fun with you!

Fly-boy, Payton!Leapin' Lindsay!

Kruisin' Kourtni!

All the gals.

After our excellent meal, games, and conversation, we said good-bye to the party goers and all rode our bikes to our nearby neighborhood park to watch the fireworks. Instead of being "ooohhhed" and "aaahhhhed" by official display from the city, we were treated to a display of about $3000 worth of illegal stuff that a cul de sac near the park lit. What a sight! It was way better than the ones the city let off a couple of miles away!
We then rode home in the dark - yikes - and called it a day!
Happy birthday, America, land that we LOVE!


Stephanie said...

Hi Kris--

I found your blog on Tracy's site. I've loved reading about your family. You're too cute! I love your reasons you love running--and hate it. Treadmills are boring, huh? But I love seeing you there! I'm going to stalk your blog now, ok? See you at the gym...or at the Overland Park Theater! :)

Steph Whitted

Nisa said...

I'm jealous that you get to hang out with Chip and Trace. Will you pop her in the bum for me. I miss them. And you are the only one I know with the guts to smack her toosh in my absence.