Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmaaaaaaaahhhhhs 2010

Well, a little time has passed and I'm feeling a bit better- but still missing Alyssa and wishing she was here with us for a much needed cry and a huge bear hug.
However, I'm putting on my big girl undies, trying to get our family's blogging and journaling caught up, and re-capping the break that we called Christmas. Where did it go? From what I remember, it was glorious and relaxing, and so wonderful to have all of my children under one roof again, if only for 2 weeks. We spent days doing nothing but staying around the house, we spent days (four in a row!) of shopping at the mall, we spent days baking, candy making, and delivering the goods, and we spent days enjoying each other's company before we had to go back to the normal routines of school and work.

The following are some memories we snapped during our 2 week hiatus:

We spent the first night of the break "choiring".

The Ball girls "reunioning".

Stay in your church clothes picture "taking".

Ahhh, when did those 4 grow up, I'm "wondering".

Can't get enough of the "sibling-ing"...

Cat picture "posing". (This one's for you Alyssa!)

Freddie and Kourtni gift "giving". (And Mom is so "embarrassing"!)

Making a 14 year old dog "sparkling".

Dog wash apron "modeling".

Mom and Payton self picture "taking".

Lindsay first time by herself fudge "making".

Christmas Eve traditional pizza dough "making".

Vegetarian pesto and pepperoni "pizza-ing".

Christmas lights in Boise "oohing and "aaahhing".

So that's what Mom looks like from the back seat I'm "thinking".

Patey without his custom Reebok Zigtechs Christmas morning - patiently "waiting".

Lindsay with her bird artwork for "hanging".

Kourtni and her pillow to go with her new queen bed for "snuggling".

Alyssa in Kourtni's new bed "texting".

New scarf, new shirt, new hat, new pj pants "modeling".

An array of all our trash needing "dumping".

Christmas day "raking".

Red "Robining".

The entire first season of Modern Family in one day "watching".

A final evening of "Alyssa-ing".

Farewell 2010 - here's hoping 2011 will treat us just as well!