Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Family "Funfest"???

Do you have a "good" side? You know, when you take a picture, do you think,

"Oh, that's an aWeSoMe picture of me, must be my "good" side!"

The older I get the more I realize I definitely have a "good" side when it comes to the photography aspect of life. It all became shockingly and totally evident when I loaded up the family in our coordinating fall attire to attempt to get some fairly "ok" pictures that we could use in the family Christmas card.

Um, can you say "herding cats"???

Yep, that's what it was like to try and get some cooperation, smiles, poses, seriousness about the whole losing daylight thing, the right lighting with not too many shadows, the right amount of fall color, and so on and so on... The day was beautiful, it seemed like a nice thing to do on the Sabbath, a downright family funfest, I'd say. But then reality hit and I realized that I have 2, and almost 3 teenaged daughters who think they have a "good" side, think they shouldn't be in front, don't want to smile, think their smile is too dorky, want to go home, too cold, too boring, they want to be funny, and so on and so on...

Let's just say that the resulting photos did not bring out my "good" side - photographically or emotionally, and that's why you will not see a family photo on this post - I can only take so much.

However, a week has passed, I'm over the whole experience, and I'm not going to tell anyone which side is my "good" side -- you'll just have to guess! But as for the kid in the picture below, all of his sides are "good" ones!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What a strummer!

Life has been busy lately. Busy, befuddling, interesting, challenging, and so many more adjectives that I don't have the brainpower at this time of night to think of! So, it was nice to take a load off, enjoy each other's company, relax, and sit down tonight to listen to our youngest child exhibit his new found talent and take our minds off our busy befuddlement. We hope you enjoy this early taste of the holidays! (Now, now, don't be a grinch! You really only have about 2 months until the big day!)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

She ran...

She ran like a Greek Goddess. You know, the ones that have little wings attached to their heels? Long, lean, limber legs that propelled her to the finish line quicker than most girls her age. She did this in elementary school, then on to junior high, and, of course, in high school. She ran all the time. When in junior high, she rode her bike to the place where she would begin the run. An athlete all around. Her naturally golden curls were secured in a pony tail that followed her as she competed in the mile run or in a cross country meet. She was an inspiration to her teammates. She ran with the boys: she kept up with them during practice runs. She trained during the off season and she ran like a Greek Goddess; as if she had wings attached to her heels. At most events if one arrived late to watch one's child, the question would always arise, "How did Sarah do?" "Oh, she took 2nd," or, "she took 5th," or, "she took 10th."

Sarah, pictured with some of her team, is 4th from the left.

Saturday was to be her last run. She took 10th place at the Puma Invitational in Bend, Oregon. Her last strides taken on those long, lean legs. Her life ended today, and so did those amazing, awe-inspiring races yet to be run. She left behind friends, teammates, a family, coaches, teachers, neighbors, wanna-be long legged runners, and a proud school where Sarah was a track/cross country runner extraordinaire. There is a feeling of despair now. Sadness is reigning, and typical "problems" seem so insignificant. Questions with no real answers yet. Teenagers who aren't used to having a friend leave so suddenly. Parents who have to deal with the worst thing that could ever possibly happen to them.

There is solace in what I know, however: I know that where she is now, she is running. Running with those long, lean, limber legs into the arms of Someone who loves her and is welcoming her home. Run, Sarah. Run.