Sunday, February 22, 2009

Robie Creek Love Affair

Last year's lucky ladies who actually got a number and the coveted shirt to wear with pride...

Will the Race to Robie be run this year? That is the burning question of the day - for the past 6 days more like. Robie Creek is an insane race that takes you uphill on the backside of Boise for 8 straight miles, then drops you off the edge of the mountain for the remaining 5.1. It's not a race that you run with the intention of keeping all 10 of your precious toenails. It takes your breath, gives you side stitches, makes you feel weak, tempts you to walk, and beckons you each year to try, try again.

So why would anyone want to do this year after year? Oh, ask the 2,000+ people that sign up online feverishly each President's Day. It's a gamble to get in to the race. Due to logisitics and narrow mountain roads, there are only approximately 2,300 spots for this brutal race. And, believe it or not, there are way over 2,300 people who want a number.

Alyssa and I were part of those crazies who wanted a number. I've run this blasted thing 6 times, and I consider it a "rite of spring" each year. Well, after 51 minutes on the computer trying desperately to claim our fame for this year, we were turned away due to "category full" postings on the sign in page. Blast. Double Blast. And even more swearing to follow...

What to do? Do we train anyway? Do we try for another number in the second chance lottery? Do we buy another's number on ebay due to the fact that another has realized how HARD this race actually is and is now too chicken to run it? Do we go to packet pickup and beg for someone to let us buy his or her number then run the race as a runner with another number?
Decisions, decisions...

Until those decisions are made, yes, WE WILL TRAIN! Each day WE WILL RUN! Each Saturday WE WILL FIND HILLS TO CLIMB! Each Sunday OUR LEGS WILL SCREAM AT US!

Because, WE LOVE ROBIE CREEK! Sigh...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ten year old heartthrob

Recently I had this conversation with a girl in my class:

Student: Mrs. Ball, you know your son Payton?
Me: Yes, I do know him.
Student: Well, I think he's really cute!
Me: Me, too!
Student: Well, you know those candy grams we can buy here at school?
Me: Yes.
Student: Well, I'm going to buy him one and I was wondering if you'd give it to him, but don't tell him who it's from.
Me: Okaaaay. Sure.
Student: Thanks! He's sooo cute!
Me: (Thinking to myself) Yes, he is cute and you need to mind your p's and q's, turn your homework in on time, develop some better manners, and quit being so boy crazy before I give you my permission to think he's cute.

On the day before the day before Valentine's day:
Me: Hey, Payton, I have some things for you.
Payton: What are they?
Me: Oh, just a few candy grams and a valentine from some girls in my class.
Payton: Making a face: I don't want any of that stuff. It's weird. They're weird.
Me: Ok, you can give the candy to your sisters, they'll like it.
Payton: Rethinking the situation: No, no, I'll eat it.
Me: Thinking to myself: Weird or not, you like the candy, huh, little man? Just keep remembering how good candy is and how you don't like it when girls are boy crazy around you. Just keep remembering!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Wow. For the first time I've been tagged! Cool, huh?
Thanks, Terrie!

I went to my fourth folder and opened my fourth picture.

We took the family to Yellowstone about 4 years ago and amazed the kids with hot mud, hot water, lots of trees, lots of elk, no bears, pretty scenery (at least it was to Billy and me!), lots of farty sulphur smells, oodles of Chinese tourists, plenty of driving, and Bill's fanny pack holding all of our essentials! heehee... Let's just say that Yellowstone was not a favorite destination for the children... Next time, it will just be Mom and Dad!

It's funny that I opened this particular picture of a "vacation" when Bill and I were just talking about how we NEED to go on another trip. Soon. Somewhere tropical, warm, and tan inducing.

OK, guys, I tag Ashlee, Amy, Tracy, and Aly.