Friday, June 15, 2012

Easter Ball Babies

It's just Payton and me tonight.  The girls and Bill have gone to play like they are homeless about 1.5 hours away.  (AKA Camping)  Blechy.Yucky.No-thank-you-very-much.  Oh, well, Pate and I weren't invited anyway since this camp out was only for fathers and daughters.  

Typical for Payton and me when we are by ourselves, we head on over to The Sizzler and grab us up some overpriced grub.  He: the steak and unlimited, deep fried, minuscule, baby shrimp complete with fries, his beloved cheese toast, and a frosty Dr. Pepper.  Me: the salad bar of course.  Tonight I was definitely tempted to snag an avocado or two and plant them in my purse for future guac, but I resisted and just went with my three platefuls of salad.  Yep, 3 I tell you.  Surprisingly delicious, this trip with minimum Nascar loving, plaid flannel shirt wearing, tattoo commenting, lumberjack looking patrons.

Aaaaanyway, on with the updating.  Heaven knows I'm doing this for my family's benefit so I need to keep documenting and writing my rememberings down for future Ball's!

Easter this year was a vast improvement from previous years. I actually went to the store, bought a variety of candy, purchased small gifts for each child, and put everything out for display on the kitchen table Easter morning.  What?  I know that's what your typical Easter entails, but for some reason, Easter always creeps up on me and before I know it, there are only circus peanuts and peachy rings as the candies of choice.  And, hey, at least I didn't just buy each kid a bag of candy and call it good like in 2009.  (Still trying to forget that year...)

I always feel guilty taking pictures without Lyss.  I hate to be Lyss-less!

Haha, not sure what we're doing in this one, but my fingers usually smell really good.

Putting your hand above the subject in a photo is a an old photography trick. 
 Um, yeah, it really isn't.

Kourtni and Padre.

Lindsay and Daddy.

Payton and Dad.

It was a beautiful spring morning on which to remember the atonement of, and worship our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Still Catching Up

What's up with all the chairs you might wonder?  Well, Bill was out of town for the week so I naturally had to do my nightly routine which included 4 kitchen chairs and most of the doors in our home.  
Ain't no big thang.

Nervous at night much?
Yep, that'd be me.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What's New With The Ball Babies

It's been awhile since this busy momma has posted any goings on around here.  Not much has happened but I guess what has happened should be documented even if I am the only one who writes and reads it. Hah.  

So get ready for some plain old, hum drum, normal activities that encompass our plain old lives! 

This good looking kid has a mouthful of trouble.  *sigh*
He's missing 6 permanent teeth and this brings a whole set of problems to his little old mouth.  
First line of business:  get braces on those chompers.  
Second line of business:  move his jaw forward so the little baby teeth that are still hanging on by a thread, can have less wear and tear on them.
Third line of business:  Well, right now we're still on the second line.  Flippers, implants, etc. will have to come later.  
Another *sigh*.

Pretty cute still, huh? 

This picture is minus the robotic arms that the ortho used to bring the lower jaw forward. Oy.

A milkshake always makes things feel better.  Especially one from the Big Bun.  Creamy deliciousness.  I told myself I couldn't have one until I get braces!

Something else that's new:  
We have a 17 year old in the house.  A silly, sweet, sunny, second daughter who livens our lives and makes us smile on a daily basis.  
In the words of Kourtni, 

Chowing down for some birthday grub at Carino's.
We left fat and happy!

Even though Alyssa was busy being a college student and couldn't join us in person, I wore her amazing scarf she made for me so she could be in the picture in spirit. Isn't it adorable?  Can't believe she has my genes in her somewhere...

Something else that's new:  
We went to Utah for Spring Break.  
"Hey, that's not new!",
 you might be saying,
 "You've bored us with your Spring Break posts for the past couple of years!"
To which I reply, 
"But the kids have all gotten gigantic! That's new!"
Weak sauce.
Oh, well!

See what I mean about gigantic?  It takes two teen agers to hold Bryton!

But only one Payton to hold him.  

Looks of awe and amazement at the birthday cake before them!

Grandma's house filled with cousins is THE BEST!

My little buddy!
And all my "new" wrinkles!  Joy.

Hadley taking after her talented mother!

My mother stranded on the side of the road with a huge spike lodged in her tire.  Yikes.  Thank goodness for the promptness of the Utah Department of Transportation!

That's it for part one.  
Stay tuned for more plain old ordinary happenings in our life.