Monday, June 27, 2011

Laziness and respectability...

"Summer is when laziness finds respectability."

That's my motto this summer. Or at least I wish it was. I thought it would be. But this summer, with June almost over, seems to be the busiest e.v.e.r.

*That Relief Society calling - whew. Are they sure they got the RIGHT girl?? hmmm
*That trip to Palm Springs with four fellow teachers and the principal - yeah, it was educational AND recreational!!
*The new job I got at another school - can you say Uhaul my entire school life and teacher possessions to my new classroom??
*The many camps the kids are going to - U of U, Gonzaga, BYU, EFY, Scout Camp, Trek, - hope I can keep the dates firmly in my head..
*That one vacation to that one island with that one guy I've been married to for 23 years that the locals (and map makers) call Kona - yeah, that's coming right up in 5 days whether I'm tanner, skinnier, or readier for it get here..
*The family vacation (or is it a "trip"...heard that when the kids come along it's a trip. Just Mom and Dad, it's a vacation..) to Southern California to see Shamu, Mickey, the beach, and a whole lot of miles of desert to get there..
*The weeklong class that I "get" to take during the last week of my summer vacation - nothing like sitting in a math class for 8 hours for 5 days during the gorgeous weather of summer..

Yeah, I'm pretty sure laziness should reign supreme during summer, but at our house, it's not THIS summer.