Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back in one piece!!!

Bill and Payton bonded this past week. Bonded on two wheeled motorcycles in eastern Idaho in the mountains where Bill spent many days herding sheep, riding horses, riding his own motorcycle as a child, and getting back to nature. When he told me of his idea, I thought, "sure, you can take Payton to eastern Idaho where it's all sage brushy, flat desert area." But when I found out it was to be a trip to the MOUNTAINS I became troubled...Yes, to say the least I was afraid Payton would get hurt and break something. After all, the most mountainous terrain on which he has ridden consists of small dirt hills at the side of the neighborhood. I was concerned, but, determined not to be a nervous, hovering mother. After all, I think Billy was more excited than Payton and I did not want to be a pain.

It was funny to watch them get ready and load up...

I mean

two motorcycles, sleeping bags, helmets, a cooler, a toolbox, BB guns, a bag for clothes, and a tent into the back of the little Toyota pickup. But, when all was said and done, they did it, took Alyssa along for the ride - she just CANNOT get enough of Idaho Falls (!)

and left Kourtni, Lindsay, and me at home ready for a couple of days of girl bonding. Bring on the shopping, going out to lunch, and movies!!!

Needless to say, the trip went without a hitch. They took Ryker and David along for the riding and the boys had a blast, because not only did they ride, but they got to shoot guns as well...I think I smell testosterone?! (and don't worry, no animals were injured by the shooting of the least not by Payton anyway.)

No broken bones, no broken motorcycles, and the Toyota lived to see another day of driving Alyssa to work. Yay!

We met them in Twin Falls Friday afternoon and went through the new Twin Falls Temple before its dedication. What a beautiful building it is. Such detail and intricacies! the decor was amazing and very well thought out. I was very touched to be in the temple with my family - to be all together in such a special place. A truly great day!

And, yes, we all made it home in one piece! Whew...

Thanks for taking care of my Payton, Bill!


Grouchygrams said...

Ok I will just say you are a good women!! I would be a wreck sending my son and husband out on a motor bike trip!! Yikes!!! Ha,ha,ha!!

But what a fun way to end going to the Temple!! I love it!

Keep up the good work and thanks for always being a great example to me!!

jo said...

I'm so proud of you....overcoming the hovering, paranoid mom thing. I don't know if I'll get there! I think about sending Alec off to scout camp and my tummy starts to grumble :( Good for the boys, though. How neat to go to the I want to go, too.