Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here Fishy, Fishy...

Well, another sign that summer is on its way out and fall is right around the corner: swim team is over. For 10 years we've spent the first two full months of summer at the pool - I guess I shouldn't say "we" though, because it's just been Kourtni, Lindsay, and Payton attempting to grow gills!
I spend the time that the kids are in the water climbing Table Rock with my friend and fellow swim team mom, Jenn. It's a great summer activity for the kids: it gets them up and out of bed, it gives them a good workout, they get in terrific shape, they get to compete (which is great for them), they get to see their friends daily, and they become excellent swimmers to boot. This summer we had 4 meets plus the city meet last weekend. It's a summer tradition to sit in the stifling heat, during the hottest part of the day, on the last Friday and Saturday of July, waiting for each child to swim in his or her event and in his or her heat - then to venture into the humid, muggy, sticky indoor pool at the West YMCA where sauna-like conditions exist. (Did I mention it's hot in there?) After the first night of city, I feel like I've lost about 5 pounds of water weight, and I look like a wilted plant.

It's a great tradition, though, however hot it may be. The kids look forward to it and rarely complain about competing, swimming, or socializing with their friends! We like it so much, we'll do it again next summer!

Kourtni - before water
got in her goggles and
she started to swim like
a blind fish!

What would a meet be like without making friendship bracelets?

Payton and his medley
relay team that took
1st place in city!

Kourtni (white cap) on the starting block.


jo said...

WOW! That looks like some serious swimming going on!!!!! Still need to chat with you about it...Do you have to be to all the practices, meets, etc? Do they have to know the different strokes before they start? Just a few of my ?'s.

Ashlee said...

Um, I'd say it's just a TAD HOT in there!! :P
It's so much fun to watch them swim! I enjoyed it when mom and I came up last year :) They are great swimmers!!

The Ball Babies said...

Jo ( may I call you Jo?) teehee,
Yes, it is serious! :) There are 4 meets during the summer, a city meet at the end of the summer, and lots of practices, in fact, we practice everyday! We miss a few here and there (practices), but we are pretty consistent 'cuz I want my kids to see that it is something they are committed to during the summer. Oh, and about the different strokes, they probably should know free style and breast stroke and should be able to swim 25 yards of the strokes to participate! You'll have to ask me about Payton's first year.

Tracy said...

I'm such a lazy bum. This is summer - time to having nothing on the schedule!! No, I think I'm actually envious - very cool Kris!