Friday, September 26, 2008

It's all relative...

I was reading a blog of a friend of a co-worker's sister - in - law, of a mother's aunt's neighbor...Yep, sometimes I get carried away with the blogs I read WHEN I get the time...There are just so many fun links! It's a fetish, I know.

AAAAANYWAY...I read a blog recently that voiced disgust by being told she looked like Sarah Palin. Now, I'm not sure who I'm voting for in this year's election. I get annoyed at John McCain's voice, I get annoyed at Sarah Palin's voice - too nasally, I get annoyed at Barack Obama's um, um, um, way of talking, and I don't even like Joe Biden. This election is like comparing airplane food and school cafeteria food and trying to decide which food you'd rather eat, but, again, I digress.

I'm not a fan of Mrs. Palin's nasal tone, but I do think she has great hair - although I think the updo needs a little downdo more often- she has beautiful skin for a 44 year old woman, and she seems to be in great shape. So, as a 41 year old woman, of course I compare the lack of lines on her face, forehead, and jowls, to the apparent ones on mine. All in all, she looks pretty rockin' for a grandma - to - be. Well, the blogger I mentioned didn't know who Sarah Palin was or what she looked, where has she been??? Does she have a tv or look at any magazines??? She looked up Sarah online to see what her features entailed and she was SO OFFENDED that someone would have the audacity to compare her to a 44 year old woman. Oh, the atrocity! The misery and disgust of a 44 year old woman's features! I felt so sorry for that "young" woman blogger person whomever... Sheesh!

Oh, well, I guess that's like me being compared to someone who is 55 - Hillary Clinton maybe?

I am so offended.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Kidney Stone Kris

I'm not at school right now. I'm supposed to be at school right now. But right now I'm in front of my computer in a Norco-induced stupor trying to make my fingers hit the right keys so I can relay the events of this morning while it's still fresh.

I started the morning like most mornings: get up at 0 dark forty five, head to gym, run 5.5 miles, come home, get kids up, get husband off to work (after wishing him happy birthday!!!), get myself ready for school, ignore pain in lower back and "other" areas, eat breakfast, ignore increasing pain in lower back and "other" areas, say goodbye to children, drive to school, start to sweat and then shiver, can't ignore pain in lower back and "other" areas, walk in to school, climb stairs, try not to throw up on stairs, walk back downstairs, inform secretary that this teacher is having a kidney stone attack and will need to leave immediately, could you please get a sub??? Of course, get out of here and take care of yourself, Kris!

Drive to emergency clinic located in Albertson's, find out it's closed until 9:00, walk out to car to wait for 2o minutes, help guy jump his car (can't he see I'm in excruciating pain???), car gets jumped, clinic opens, can't be seen at this location because no "specimens" can be taken due to fact that clinic is in grocery store. For. Pete's. Sake!!! Drive to other clinic down hill, shakily walk to clinic which is clear in far back region of store, read note on door that states physician is sick, walk through store again to car, call regular doctor who should have been called in first place, drive in hunched over position to 3rd location, "walk" in to clinic, "say" name to receptionist, "sit" in hard chair waiting for doctor to see me. Yeah, it was as painful to experience as it is to read this silly post!

Long story short, I've had about 8 kidney stone attacks in the past 12 years, I've had to make 3 trips to the ER, I've had 2 ureteroscopies, AND I've had lithotripsy (to blast the suckers!!) so I KNOW when I'm having an attack. I think I should just keep a supply of Norco on hand just for this reason. Nothing can help. No position is comfortable. No one can understand unless he or she has had an attack. Childbirth is less painful. Fetal positions are of no comfort! AAAHHHH.

I'm OK. Once I get a pain pill in my system, my body relaxes, and that #$%#@ kidney stone
slips its sweet, dragon headed, jagged edged way out of my body like nothing ever happened! Curse you, kidney stone, curse you! So, that's my story. I'm not at school. I'm sitting in front of the computer in a now goofy feeling Norco induced haze. My kidney stone is in the sewer where it belongs for all eternity!

Oh, and by the way, if the pharmacist at Albertson's is reading this, I'm not a drug seeker, I usually have color in my face, and I have a very long attention span when my back is not threatening to explode from the inside out! ( Just in case you were wondering.)

I'm off to drink lots of water...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Where has the time gone? It seems like I was just writing about the first day of school and now we'll be entering the fourth week of school. So much has happened since those first honeymoon days...

Bill had a visit from Miss Morphina and a kitty scan at the local ER after a bad spill from his motorcycle while riding on some steep hills above Boise. Thank goodness nothing was broken or lacerated or punctured or ruptured... Just deeply contused - a chest contusion to be more specific. Nope, 42 year olds do not bounce like 22 year old men do. Nope, they sure do not! 2 weeks later and he is still one sore hombre! Don't even ask him about sneezing...

Kris had a visit from the birthday fairy and turned 41 last Saturday. The day was spent going to Payton's football game (go little Broncos!), spending time with Lindsay at the art museum viewing cockroach art (yes, really, there was a cockroach exhibit) and visiting all the many booths at Art in the Park. Cute stuff there! After all the running around of children, Bill and I enjoyed a yummy dinner at Lucky 13 - Moon Pie Pizza to be exact: Chicken, garlic sauce, mozzarella, artichoke hearts, and garlic. Yep, I was in pizza heaven on my birthday!!!

Alyssa got asked to Homecoming with real snow made into a real snowman... I know! Where in the world does a 17 year old boy drive to get real snow in September??? I tried hard to think of which mountains had snow on them??? I just couldn't think of any. But it looked like real snow, it felt like real snow, and it tasted like real snow. Hmmm.. Boy, did the guys get a kick out of the gullible mother mumbling to herself and trying like heck to think of mountains within driving distance that this snow would have come from... Any guesses? Sun Valley? nope. Bogus Basin? nope. Owyhee Mountains? nope. Idaho Ice World? Yep... Hey, that's not a mountain!!! Anyway, Alyssa was very glad that she had a date for her senior year of Homecoming!

Pretty much sums up how the poor senior girls played during the Powder Puff Football don't wanna know who won...

It was a blackout during the Homecoming game and the boys prevailed! Not too shabby for a freshman quarterback!

Awww... wasn't she just born???

Wow! I've never seen so many guys back in black. Good looking group of THS kids!