Monday, July 11, 2011

Kona, Kona, Kona...

Well, it took 43 years, 4 children, and 23 years of marriage, but we finally did it! We bit the Hawaii bullet and took a vacation to the Big Island last week.

This was really not something we had planned on doing but rather a spur of the moment decision made in June when our friends, John and Stefanie, told us about their time share in Hawaii. They needed to use their time share points by August and wondered if they should book a 2 bedroom or a 1 bedroom.

Um, 2 bedroom, please!

I was a little apprehensive after we said YES because I remembered I had 3 children at home... Three children who would need an adult to stay with them. But then I also remembered I had a mother-in-law who would LOVE to make a trip to Boise and cater to their every whim! Problem solved!

Bill bought the plane tickets, we researched tourist-y things to do, our neighbor gave us her Big Island handbook, I went shopping for swimsuits, flip flops, shorts, dresses, and sunglasses, and we were ready.

We left last Sunday right after I took the kids to church. My kids - they are awesome - I was not planning on going since our flight left at 2, but Lindsay convinced me we needed to go for at least an hour! So, after attending one meeting, we came home, the Hruby's picked us up and we were off for the adventure of a lifetime!

FLIGHT: Boise to San Francisco - easy enough, 1 1/2 hours long, 1 time change, 1 diet Coke, 1 trashy magazine read, almonds eaten, arrive at SF.

San Francisco to Kona - easy enough,


Yep. Our names were called when we were in line to board. Bill went to the desk and he was given 2 new boarding passes: 4A and 5B. Aw, man, we're not even sitting next to each other! We're talking a 5 hour flight over the Pacific Ocean. That's scary unless you're sitting next to your man! We get on the plane, thinking we'll get to be more toward the front, and walah...our seats are in the cushy section! First Class, Baby! Thanks to a very kind man who was traveling alone, Bill and I were able to sit next to each other in row 4. We were treated to warm nuts, all the soft drinks you could drink, sea bass or macadamia nut chicken for our meal, delicious, melting, warm oatmeal cookies for dessert, and warm towels to wipe the crumbs from your face.

Yeah, it was posh.
Yeah, I was giggling for the first hour of the flight.
Yeah, there was lots of leg room.
Yeah, I went to the bathroom about 3 times during the 5 hours. (Unlimited diet Coke I tell ya!)

We felt totally relaxed and pampered. What a way to start our Hawaii vacation!


Lori said...

awesome! have a spectacular trip!

jo said...

Well...sounds like you started your vacation off on the right foot...the first class foot...OH, fun! I hope there are more posts coming because this just made me want more;)

Glad you enjoyed your vacation!

Hope you enjoy your next sunny destination just as much!