Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kona, Kona, Kona, Monday, 4th of July Style...

The 4th of July was a bit untraditional for us this year.

No parades, no red, white, and blue clothes, no rubber pancake breakfasts, a bbq hosted by Hawaiians, (who definitely DID NOT cook my hamburger all the way through...), and no long, drawn out fireworks at 10:00. In fact, these fireworks were the shortest I've ever seen and at the earliest time as well. In Hawaii the sun goes down at about 7:00, so the fireworks were scheduled for 8:00. By the time we left the restaurant, walked across the parking lot, tried to get out of the way of all those palm trees, the show had ended. At 8:08, our 4th of July was definitely over. Weird. Don't get me wrong, the 4th of July in Hawaii was amazing but not your same old, same old festivities.

Life is good in Kona, Hawaii.

I just love this picture because I can see the palm trees in my sunglasses. Cool.

Yeah, we're cool like that sportin' our red, white, and blue.

We spent the day at the pool and tried and tried to get the sun to quit hiding from us behind silly clouds. We were giddy with happiness when we got more than 10 minutes of warm rays. We people watched, read our books, made John wait on us by driving around trying to find decent priced diet-Coke and some good food to eat pool side, and we ate double scoop ice cream cones of macadamia nut, and Kona coffee mud pie ice cream. Yep, we waited all day at the pool for 4:30 to come so we could devour those free fourth of July frozen Hawaii delights!

We ate our 4th of July dinner in true style at the most expensive restaurant we've ever been to. (Did you know that when you spend money in Hawaii it's only play money? Yeah, it's true!) Roy's got our business that night and they did not disappoint, but I would have liked more than 3 macadamia nuts in my $15.00 salad... (just sayin') The edamame was delicious and spicy, the 3 macadamia nut salad was worth its weight in gold ('cuz we had to use all our gold to buy it.), the butterfish was just that - "like butta!", and our hot chocolate souffle was sinful and moan inducing. De.Lish.

Butterfish - aka Alaskan Black Cod. Oh.My.Deliciousness.

Hot chocolate souffle cake. Heaven help us.

Happy Belated Fourth of July! Hawaiian style.