Monday, June 27, 2011

Laziness and respectability...

"Summer is when laziness finds respectability."

That's my motto this summer. Or at least I wish it was. I thought it would be. But this summer, with June almost over, seems to be the busiest e.v.e.r.

*That Relief Society calling - whew. Are they sure they got the RIGHT girl?? hmmm
*That trip to Palm Springs with four fellow teachers and the principal - yeah, it was educational AND recreational!!
*The new job I got at another school - can you say Uhaul my entire school life and teacher possessions to my new classroom??
*The many camps the kids are going to - U of U, Gonzaga, BYU, EFY, Scout Camp, Trek, - hope I can keep the dates firmly in my head..
*That one vacation to that one island with that one guy I've been married to for 23 years that the locals (and map makers) call Kona - yeah, that's coming right up in 5 days whether I'm tanner, skinnier, or readier for it get here..
*The family vacation (or is it a "trip"...heard that when the kids come along it's a trip. Just Mom and Dad, it's a vacation..) to Southern California to see Shamu, Mickey, the beach, and a whole lot of miles of desert to get there..
*The weeklong class that I "get" to take during the last week of my summer vacation - nothing like sitting in a math class for 8 hours for 5 days during the gorgeous weather of summer..

Yeah, I'm pretty sure laziness should reign supreme during summer, but at our house, it's not THIS summer.


The Lymans said...

I love that "one island" you are going to. Take lots of pictures so that you can look at them while you are doing the not so fun stuff this summer!

Steph said...

We are so lucky to have you at Trail Wind! Have a bunch of fun before the rugrats come back in the fall! :)

jo said...

"Looks like laziness is DEFINATELY not going to be happening at the Ball house this summer...oh, well...FUN is!!!