Wednesday, July 13, 2011

***Breaking News***

***We Interrupt This Blog Session About Hawaii To Bring You Breaking News***

After only a year and a half of driver's ed completion, Kourtni Ball now has her DRIVER'S LICENSE. This morning, it is reported, that she took her skills test with a tester who filled up the entire front seat, and a mother who KEPT HER MOUTH SHUT in the back seat the entire time for fear of causing her daughter to fail said skills test if any negative comments spewed forth. Although there were 7 points taken from Miss Ball's score, due to California stops at stop signs, she did indeed pass the test and proceeded to the DMV while narrowly missing a cement barrier. Both daughter and mother are fine, but mother's negative comments spewed forth at that moment - good for Miss Ball because the skill's tester was not in the car, I repeat, the skill's tester was not in the car.

After an hour and a half of sitting at the DMV listening to the female computerized voice designating which window to proceed to, the knowledge test was studied for, taken, and passed. We repeat, it was studied for, taken, and passed. Only 4 points were missed and her picture was snapped, fees were paid, and texts were sent to friends and family proclaiming the glorious news.

Upon arrival at home after a celebratory lunch at Cafe Rio, Miss Ball immediately asked for the keys to the family van and was off with a friend for an afternoon of sun worship. The van is scheduled to arrive at home by 6:00 with no new dents, scratches, or cracked oil pans.

***We Now Return You To Your Regularly (or not so regular) Scheduled Blog Post***


Alyssa Ball said...

you should blog more, mother of mine.

The Lymans said...

I was a mess driving in the same car with Kaylee. Now I am a mess waiting for her to get home. When do you ever stop worrying??