Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spring happenings

Wow, where has the time gone? It was spring, now it's summer vacation. I've blogged next to nothing, took a million pictures, posted some of them on Facebook, but have so many more to share. Unfortunately, due to my lack of patience, Blogger's "problems" loading my pictures, and fat fingers on a laptop, there are not as many pictures as I had hoped to share. Sigh. Oh, well, here are some photos showing what has been going on in and around our house and family. Enjoy the pictures.

(Lori, I am totally copying you on this, and I want to thank you for YOUR inspiration. You get all the credit for this update!!!)

This spring was a:

First place time of 13.22 seconds in the 90m for Payton in the city track meet taking,

Lindsay triple jump leaping,

Blue ribbon showing,

12th birthday celebrating,

Kiss stealing,

Air soft war preparing,

Baby chick feeding,

Race for the cure walking,

New coop making,

Griffey exploring,

Table rock hiking,

Payton, Seth, and Ben posing,

New baby Brock holding,

Cemetary visiting,

Kourtni 9th grade photo student award winning,

6th grade tie-dye graduating!

Farewell to Freshman Dance attending,

Crappie fish catching,

Kind of spring.

Wow. Sort of summarizes everything up. Until next time...


Lori said...

i LOVE it! :)

van would be jealous of the air soft war. our girls don't really get into it so he has to play by himself. ha.

lindsay's legs are insane! dang girl

jo said...

DO YOU GUYS HAVE CHICKENS?!?! I WANT CHICKENS!!!! you've got me think'n :)

Looks like you guys have been very busy and up to lots of good things:)

Seriously...answer the chicken question.

The Ball Babies said...

Amy - are you going to read this? Not sure, but YES, we HAVE 5 GIRLS! (future egg layers) They are in a coop in our backyard - in the waaaay back. Hopefully they'll give us some nice organic eggs in a couple of months. You should definitely get some! Your kids would LOVE it! Come see them anytime you want...

Stephanie said...

That's fantastic! And I will be copying YOU sometime soon, I'm sure! Just giving you notice...

Have fun with the chickens!!

The Lymans said...

I have been wondering what you have been up to lately. I've missed your blogging! I can see why you have been too busy to blog--FUN times!!

Amanda said...

Love the update! Someday when I have a bigger yard, you will definitely have to teach me about chickens. Until then learn everything you need to know to teach me. :D
Love ya!

Sweetest Of All said...

That was a nice summary.

tball said...

Now that's my kind of update...:) pictures say a thousand words. like lindsey's triple jump pic, and nice chicken coop!

Aly G said...

I love the pics! Your girls are getting so grown up! It always blows my mind where does the time go? Give the kids a big kiss for me! p.s. every day Bryton still says "mom can I fly to Paytons house somtime to see him?" We might have to make that dream come true someday!!:)