Thursday, June 17, 2010

The many uses of duck tape

Well, summer is here. Kids need something to do. Something fun. Something economical. Something that won't make the mom (who is helping the kids out) go ballistic. That really narrows it down, huh?

We checked our calendar, invited a few friends, and headed out to the craft store for a "free" duck tape wallet demo.

Here are the numbers we had to endure:
There was one small table.
One employee who had to keep looking at the directions to see how to make these things. Seven kids crowded around the small table.
Four kids I brought with me waiting to make a lovely (free) Father's Day gift.
One mother (me) who had about had it with 2 of the 4 children she brought (they were not my own children either...).
Fifteen minutes of torture and impatience that passed before I wised up and decided I was getting out of there before heads were going to roll.

I marched back to the duck tape aisle. Commanded the children to choose 3 colors and 3 colors only. Marched up to the front of the store. Paid for 3 colors and 3 colors only. Drove home and made our own duck tape wallets. Whew.

After I had regained my composure, I took some pictures that I thought I'd share.

Three colors and three colors only..
Measure, cut, fold, repeat...


Help out a friend...

Put on your finishing touches...

Display your work of art...

Now I expect all those wallets to be used

Anyone interested in a free lesson on duck tape wallets???
I promise I won't go ballistic.
Well, maybe.


The Lymans said...

Only three colors? How would I ever decide? You deserve mom of the year award!!

jo said...

C'mon...four colors...pleeeeeez:)
You are one ambitious mama! Sometimes matters need to be taken into our own hands...especially when it comes to making duct tape wallets..heehee.

Alec has one and uses it! In fact, I was a little embarassed this last week when he pulled it out at Fred Meyer to pay for a new GI-Joe guy. You see, his is one color...and one color only...grey;) And he did not get "card holders" inside of can't have everything in life!

Tracy said...

I LOVE the wallets.. but I love even more, the fact that you call it duck tape!! I love you!

Lori said...

i didn't know you could get NEON duct tape. my world is seriously rocked.

Aly G said...

So creative! I hope those wallets will hold all the loads of cash those kids carry around!lol! They could have a wallet stand (like a lemonade stand only selling wallets!) I would buy one! I need your energy sis!