Thursday, June 24, 2010

What do you do in the summertime?

So what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green?

Well, this seems to be my summertime:

Get up around 5:45. Check Alyssa's blog to see if there are any updates. (Hey, she's 8 hours ahead of me, I can wonder...) If there are no updates, go to FB and check her status to see if anything has changed since before I went to bed. If no change in status, get to the gym so I can be home by 7:10 to wake up kids for swim team.

At 7:10, wake up Lindsay and Payton. Check Lyss' blog and FB status. Run kids to swim team practice.

At 7:50 hike 1 1/2 miles up Table Rock with 2 girlfriends, then run the 1 1/2 miles down. Get back to the swimming pool to pick up kids.

At 9:00 start oatmeal on the stove while checking Lyss' blog and FB status on laptop on kitchen table. Eat oatmeal and check a few other favorite blogs for new posts.

At 10:00 get in the shower - well most days it is 10:00 - today it was 2:00!!! I love summer.

Putter around the house after shower making sure kids are doing their jobs. Do my jobs. Try to get my piles of stuff organized. This may take the entire summer - blech.

Around 1:00 eat lunch while checking Lyss' blog and FB status. Nothing new on either site. *sigh*

Do whatever the kids want to do - provided I don't have to take a loan out to do it - for the afternoon.

Around 5:00 check Lyss' blog and FB status. If I'm lucky I may hit the jackpot and she will have posted something to let us know that she is ok, or that she has a drunk naked man as a roommate in her hostel (don't worry, she has 3 "men" with her to protect her... ahem. I hope they are doing their "job"...), or that she had to pay an extra 50 or so American dollars to the train police in Italy, or that she has a touch of heatstroke since she didn't eat or drink anything during the day. Whew! It's always a relief to be able to read something she has actually written that day! What would I do without the internet to connect me with my daughter who's halfway around the world.

Around 6:00 think about cooking dinner. Wonder what to cook. Check several cooking blogs to see if there is anything that is quick, won't make my pants too tight, is appetizing, and that I have the ingredients for.

Around 7:00 clean up the dinner that will probably make my pants too tight, and solicit help from the kids (if there are any around - sheesh) to get kitchen cleaned up.

Around 8:00 think about going on a walk with Bill for our decompression/nightly date/hand holding time.

Around 9:30 return from nightly walk with Bill. Check Lyss' FB status to see if anything has changed since the last time I checked it. Watch the last of any TV show that might be on. Watch the news. Get ready for bed so we can start it all over again tomorrow.

Oh, the joys of summer.

SIDENOTE: Lest you think I am obsessive about checking up on my daughter: well, I'm not. I consider myself very curious as to her whereabouts and travelings and I will continue to be a little curious until she safely arrives back on US soil next Wednesday. There. She'll be back next Wednesday - wow! I think Alyssa's blog will get a lot less hits from me, and my little laptop may or may not collect a little more dust once she is safely home.

That's what I do in the summertime - at least for the next week.


jo said...

This made me chuckle....mostly because that would totally be me, too!!! You have been one brave mom the last couple of months....bless your heart ;) You're almost to Wednesday!

The Lymans said...

I'm so glad you survived her trip (barely!) I would just say you are curiously obsessive--which is what moms do best!

Lori said...

i think if my daughter was in spain i'd be doing the same thing. i may have even put a microchip in her hair so i could follow her in on GPS. :)

Alyssa Ball said...

bahahahaha mom i hadnt read this until today and i was seriously almost laughing out loud (and i never do that. ever)
i'm fine! stop worrying! i will be home soon! haha

Aly G said...

Seriously you make me smile! I just love you sis! Love you love you!