Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Belated Mother's Day

Ahhh. It's so nice to be a mom!
Sure missed Lyss, though...

Happy Mother's Day.

A little belated but, hey, we moms like a little recognition on more than just one day of the year, right??


jo said...

Happy Mother's Day to YOU, Kris!!!

Thank you for your example and listening ear....which seems to get an ear full every few years from me ;)

Hope you enjoyed your day!

Aly G said...

What a pretty momma! I think you look so good in green! looks like a fun day! Your little family is so cute! That Payton is the topic of Brytons conversation ALWAYS! He loves him to no end:)

Lori said...

happy belated mothers day. and of COURSE i read your blog, silly. manda and i want to be you when we grow up. ;)

ragnar next year, yes?