Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eight All Together

Hey, that's a lot of kids, don't you think? Yeah, 8 is enough!

This weekend we got the chance to get all together to celebrate Jana Rae's 40th birthday (Jana Rae in cream) in beautiful Midway, Utah. The weather was perfect, the location was beautiful, and there was never a dull moment during the lively conversation.

Steve asked me to do a "roast" for Jana Rae during the evening, and since I've been in "schoolfreak out mode" lately, I decided to roast her with rules she's followed during her 40 years. I like to be positive about rules in my classroom: using the word "always" instead of "don't". Here are rules Jana Rae has tried to abide by during the past 40 years:

1. Always play with your older sister in double knit polyester outfits riding trikes, playing in the ditch, and swinging in the tire swing attached to the old cherry tree.

2. Always hold on tight when your mother pushes you in said tire swing and you go hurtling through the air.

3. Always swim in a wading pool with hot water supplied by mom fresh from the kitchen stove.

4. Always dress in matching church dresses with sponge roller curls.

5. Always share a bed with your older sister, but don't be a cover stealer.

6. Always be brave when you go to Kindergarten and don't cry - leave that to your older 1st grade sister...

7. Always visit cousins, grandmas and grandpas, and aunts and uncles as often as possible and play "Planet of the Apes" with them.

8. Always help get your family out of a burning house and help keep them out so no one goes back in for shoes!

9. Always get a home perm from Mom about every 3 to 4 months. Be sure not to wash for 2 or 3 days, and DON"T GO SWIMMING DURING THAT TIME!

10. Always take swimming lessons each summer then, when older, take own children back to same pool and point out leathery lifeguard who taught you swimming lessons!

11. Always stand at bus stop by the mailbox and pump arm up and down for passing diesel trucks to honk, and chant "Here comes the bus, the B.U.S.!"

12. Always wear Dittoes or Oz jeans to school.

13. Always avoid sister in high school hallway of school when wearing her clothing without permission to avoid name calling, dirty looks, and near fist fights.

14. Always wash clothing before putting back in drawer or hanging in closet.

15. Always get up early to go to drill team practice and on the way, ALWAYS remember to remove gas nozzle from tank of orange VW before driving way from pump...

16. Always curl hair with tiny curling iron in 1 million curls, flip head upside down, then snap head up and quickly spray with cheap hairspray. Make sure wings are present on sides of head.

17. Always work at a clothing store for employee discount and fashionable wardrobe.

18. Always go to BYU Hawaii to get a good education, become exposed to different culture, and get a KILLER tan.

19. Always marry a good man who will take you far away from your family for lots of years, but will eventually bring you back closer to them.

20. Always have lots of snacks on hand for 5 hungry world travelers.

21. Always be generous to visiting sisters and Mom.

22. always look for a good deal on clothing, furniture, and food. Be sure to go back east to buy all furniture.

23. Always have good friends and party and travel often with them. Then, move within a mile away from them.

24. Always have a listening ear, advice, and an interest in others.

25. Always breathe deeply when husband is far away working and house needs to be kept clean ready for prospective buyers, when roof is leaking, when sink or dishwasher is broken, when creepy workers are leering at 18 year old daughter, when children need to be shuttled to Crew, soccer, and other events. Just breathe and keep it all together!

26. Always turn 40 only once.

27. Always remember that 40 is the new 30!

"It'll be ok, Jana Rae, I'm almost through my first year of 40ism"

Thanks for the fun evening and welcome to the over 40 club. It looks GREAT on you JR!

Love, Kris


Nisa said...

Wow! That is one rowdy family!

jo said...

Looks like you guys know how to have some fun! Isn't Midway beautiful......does your sister live there? If she does...then
I'm just plain jelous!!! Hope all is well on the school front :)

Amanda said...

Oh how I love your family. Sigh. You all are so beautiful! I'm glad you were all able to get together and have such a good time. It sounds like we're going to get together with your fam the weekend of Sept. 14th for Sunday dinner. I think you should come. Yes I do. :) What do you think? Huh? Huh?

The Ball Babies said...

Oh, Manda, Manda, Manda... I've been to Utah 3 times this summer! My car could go there by itself! I'm sad to miss seeing you, Jared, and cutie pie Max, but I'll have to say sorry about the 14th... :( Boohoo!!!

Jenn and Tyler said...

You know Kris, #7 dated you! But I must say, being in the over 40 club looks great on you to! You and your sister should have been twins. Glad you had fun!