Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to Lindsay Lou

Yay! Lindsay had a birthday and she is now 12 years old!

Whoopee! Bring on Young Women and Mutual!!!

I was so mad because we were getting ready to do the obligatory sibling birthday picture, and...BATTERY DEAD. @#$!@ Yes, that's right @#$!@!

Alyssa saved the day with her nice camera phone. Thanks, Lyss!

I thought since she just turned 12 I'd mention 12 things
I LOVE about Lindser:

1. She always wakes up with a smile on her face and a kiss for me! (Check back next birthday to see if she still exhibits this behavior!!!)

2. She is thoughtful - always says thank you for things her parents do for her -sweet!

3. She is quiet when she needs to be and funny when we least expect it! "Why can't we all get along and everyone have a pony?" (A quote taken from a couple of years ago!)

4. She enjoys a good piece of meat!!! (She has admitted to being a major carnivore - much to Alyssa's chagrin...)

5. She contributes to thoughtful conversations with her parents.

6. She is frugal with the money she earns. :)

7. She is a sweet babysitter and cleans up the houses where she babysits. (A rare commodity!)

8. She reads her scriptures each night without being told to by her mom or dad.

9. She has a very unique journal full of writing, art, and memorabilia she's collected.

10. She has a great knack for all things artsy!

11. She's very organized and keeps her mother on track with the things that need to be accomplished.

12. Whenever our family goes for a hike, bike ride, or walk, Lindsay is always in front and never complains about the distances we travel. She's a great sport!

Happy Birthday, Lindsay Mae! We love you and are grateful you're in this Ball family!

Forget the birthday cake - Lindsay wanted chocolate cream pie - yummmmm

The sistahs - no Payton - we've lost him to football practice for a couple of months!

Yay! Payton finally got home from practice in time to take one camera photo before Alyssa had to go to work. It's a wee bit blurry...

Happy Birthday, Lindsay Mae!


~p~ said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!! 12 exclamation points especially for Lindsay.

Nisa said...

ahhhh, a good babysitter. Those are very very hard to come by here in Texas. Does she commute?

Grouchygrams said...

Happy Birthday Lindsay!! I can't believe your 12~~ That happened fast ;o)

Ashlee said...

Happy Birthday Linds!! MM MM MM I'd choose Chocolate Cream Pie over cake too!

Jenn and Tyler said...

She's got the right idea with that pie! Love it, maybe I'll go for that my next birthday. Who needs cake? It's way over rated! Happy birthday Lindsay! And you really are such a great babysitter (and Courtney!)