Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy New School Year


I'm in a melancholy mood right now just trying to deal with all the emotions (mine and my kids') of a quickly approaching new school year.

Lots of moms are anxious to get their kids out the door and into the classroom. Well, I am too, sort of, but that means I have to go back into that classroom and take control! Don't get me wrong, I love teaching, but for the first few weeks, I miss my own kids and constantly wonder how they're doing during the day and hoping they're good students, good examples, good friends, and overall good people!

I always wax sentimental when a new school year approaches. I mourn the departure of summer and the casual scheduling we enjoyed. I miss the puttering around the house that I get to do. I miss the way the light looks in the kitchen or family room at certain times in the morning. I miss the glorious soaking in of the sun while I lazily lounge at the pool. I miss the skin which was once tan and now quickly turns to white and freckly again. I miss the early morning outdoor runs. I miss the warm evening walks with Bill at 9:00 in the evening. I miss the watering of my various pots of flowers. I miss wearing flip flops everywhere. And I miss seeing my kids sleepily appear from their rooms much later than they have to appear during the school year!

But, I can't mope for too long! Monday will be here in no time and my mindset has to change. I will conquer my dislike for the treadmill during those early mornings. I will enjoy hustling around the house like a mad woman ready to leave for school before 8:00 each morning. I will assign more jobs to my kids so the house doesn't look like Hurricane Ball has hit each day. I will enjoy helping the kids with homework or projects or friend problems or whatever comes from a full day away from the sanctuary of home. I will continue to try to be organized with household responsibilities that arise. I will support each child in their extracurricular activities that occur each day. Of this I can assure you I will do because, if I don't, who will?


(Bring it on!!!)


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You're going to be a fantastic 5th grade teacher!! Wish I was in your class! :) See you at the gym at O-Dark-Thirty. Steph Whitted