Friday, August 29, 2008

"August Rush"

Monday, August 25:
A day to go down in infamy -

Kris: The first day of teaching 5th grade - They're just 3rd graders in bigger bodies. They're just 3rd graders in bigger bodies. They're just 3rd graders in bigger bodies...

Alyssa: The first day of the last year of high school. She's so used to school by now that she took off for the first day on her bike with NOTHING - that's right, no pens, paper, backpack, purse, or any of the other necessary items so many other school aged kids need. Not to worry however, she did take her phone!
Me: "Where are all of your supplies?"
Her: "I'm a senior and it's the first day of school!" she yelled as she left on her bike.
Me: "What a low maintenance kid."

Kourtni: The first day of 8th grade with a cell phone in her pocket - can I get a "woohoo"?

Lindsay: The first day of 7th grade in a new school, with a new locker, new teachers, and lots of new friends to make! But no cell phone in her pocket!

Payton: The first day of 5th grade with no sisters to go to school with! He's the big guy now.

Kris - practicing her "mean teacher" look...(Is anyone scared or intimidated, maybe just mortified????)

The time has come for Alyssa. I can still remember what she wore for the first day of Kindergarten: An Esmerelda T-shirt and some lovely red stretch pants.

Get ready junior high 'cuz you've got two Ball girls comin'!

Payton all geared up and ready for 5th grade.

Yes, the day that went down in infamy - well, at least for us it did!


Ashlee said...

Yikes....I always hated the first day of school. Mom always had to pull over a few times for me to "throw up". You all look great!!!

Stephanie said...

I don't think you CAN look scary or mean, Kris! You are always smiling and look so happy and friendly. Hope it was a great week with the '3rd graders in bigger bodies'. :)

Steph Whitted