Monday, February 21, 2011

Surprise! Surprise!

Time: 12:30 AM early Saturday morning.
Place: Master bathroom/Master bedroom
Who: Me, (in the bathroom taking off make up), Bill, (in the bed waiting patiently for me to turn off all the glaring lights so he can get some shut eye), Kourtni, (in the bed on my side of it waiting to get kicked out for the night).
Hear: Someone knocking on our outside bedroom door.
Me: Freaking out a bit.
Kourtni: Was that your bedroom door?
Bill: I'm not getting out of bed - I'm in my underwear.
Me: Freaking out a bit.
Bill: Who is it?
Me: Still freaking out a bit and hiding in the bathroom.
Knocker: Let me in! It's your daughter!
All: Yay! It's Alyssa! What a surprise! I thought you weren't able to come! How did you hide this? Did your dad know? Did Kourtni know?

We always love it when everyone is together under one roof and this weekend was no exception! Even though there were no grandiose plans made or spectacular events attended, we had a great time:
working out at the gym,
grocery shopping at WinCo,
looking at, talking about, and perusing our favorite cooking blogs,
planning Sunday's meal and what we're going to cook,
driving out to Kuna for dinner just to drive back to good old Boise for Mexican at Andrade's,
a Blue Cow run,
dinner with the aunts, uncles, and cousins,
falling asleep to a movie,
working out some more at Gold's,
more grocery shopping at WinCo for Lyss,
then off to Utah again for that "little thang called college".

Thanks for the surprise, Lyss! You pulled one over on us and we really enjoyed it!

Now, drive safe!

The following pictures, though not taken this weekend, are fun times with the oldest daughter and bring back memories for when she's not here:


The Lymans said...

Love the nice surprises! I'm glad she made it home!

Aly G said...

Oh what a fabulous surprise!! I am so glad you guys got to be together again!! Sounds like a fun fun weekend! xoxo

Aly G said...

Up date this blog like yesterday please!! xoxo