Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gold's Sweet Gold's

I miss my Gold's.

Gym, that is.

You see, the kids and I are in Utah and the closest Gold's Gym is in a building that was once a grocery store where I accompanied my mother to buy food for the family when I was a child. Storehouse Market was its name. Writing the price with a black grease pencil on each product was the game. Squashing the bread with a big jug of syrup was a huge memory for me!

My Gold's is like a Greek Temple.
With columns.
With new machines.
With COOL group classes (that I'm too insecure to attend...except Gayla's :)).
With a nice cool down area complete with dark lighting for relaxation (and so no one can see how lovely I look at the end of a sweatfest...).
With lovely bathrooms and a nice changing room.
With 5 brand new stairmills (oh, yeah, I'm now the queen of the stairmill since my butt has prohibited me from running...).
With a separate ladies' workout area (that works for me when there are too many men flexing their pecks and peacocking it in front of the main weight area).

Yeah. I miss me my Gold's Gym in Boise.

But I really love working out next to my cute, lovely lashed, earringed sister Teressa!
I would like that occasionally. A cute workout buddy who can make the time go by in a flash!

I'll see you next week, Gold's Sweet Gold's!


The Lymans said...

Kris! I was going to come down to see you when you came down for spring break, but we are flying out tomorrow morning for our spring break. They had to be at the same time :( I hope you have a great week and hopefully I will see my good friend sometime soon!

jo said...

I am in Utah and missing my Gold's, too! My plan was to go on lovely, long walks and breathe in all that fresh air....Did you see and hear that wind yesterday? Man. It has NOT been happening. Today I got one in between rain showers, though.

I'll have to get back into the swing of things when I return to Boise......my back is screaming for a stretch on that excercise ball BTW!

Enjoy the rest of your stay!!!!

Jenn and Tyler said...

I miss a lot of things for Boise and I never get to have them back, so suck it up Kris! LOL