Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break...with a lot of BAD weather

Every "spring" break, the kids and I usually head on down south of the border (Idaho border that is...) to brave the frigid temperatures, enjoy snow in March, eat waaaaaay too much junk food, spend waaaaay too much money shopping and eating out, and see our cousins and stuff. This year we had another excellent reason to venture down south: Alyssa lives south of the border now, too!

We left Bill in Boise to do this:

We're good like that.
But really, he NEVER gets spring break off so he stays behind. Alone. To fend for himself. To eat at Burger King each night. Or cereal. Or nothing at all. We miss him terribly when we go because we know how much he enjoys shopping each day of the break...

So I took along some friends I hadn't seen for awhile to help me out on the long trip:

You're such a bad boy... I haven't partaken of you for about 8 months, but you keep me awake for a good 6 or so hours so I'll invite you back next time!

You were a most delicious traveling companion. I enjoyed all of your fruity goodness for those hundreds of miles. I tried to make you last as long as I could. It was hard 'cuz you're so dang tasty! High Fructose Corn Syrup and all!

This momentous event took place on the way down near the thriving metropolis of Jerome, Idaho. A moment of silence for the Honda Odyssey. She is now past puberty.

We had fun holding, kissing, munching on, and passing around this little bundle. Oh, how I love new babies!

Lindsay put her friendship bracelet skills to work for a fun cousin.

More holding and cuddling a week old babe.

Acting goofy with the sis. Love her.

More goofy antics with the gang.

Posing with some of the girls.

Yeah, we had our "spring" break in Utah. We enjoyed all the March snow, the frigid temperatures, the junk food, the shopping, and eating out. What would spring break be without all that? Next time I might take even take a coat!


Sweetest Of All said...

I know I know!!
I was crusing through her website and I saw your beautiful girls. Just about fell out of my seat! Whoa they looked great. I'm so glad you used her and loved her!

Aly G said...

So fun to see you! Sorry I hogged mom the week you were here, I am glad you guys came to visit me too! Always a joy when the ball babies come! Hadley still wears that bracelet believe it or not:) Good to see you for a bit this wknd too! Love you!!