Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dinner Theater - Jr. High Style...

How do you solve a problem like Maria? Well, first of all, you sing that song from the "Sound of Music" over and over and over and over... Then you sing it some more... heheheh.

You gotta love junior high choirs.

Lindsay and Kourtni are both musically inclined and so they like to sing - in junior high choir. Fortunately, each year, our school puts on a dinner show so each of the 4 choirs can showcase what they've been working on.

It's a huuuuuge deal.
It's a huuuuuge commitment from parents since it's all parents who organize and put the thing on.
It's a huuuuuge thing for 13, 14, and 15 year olds to dress up and sing in a school gym over the munching sounds of parents, neighbors, and friends enjoying their dinner.

This year the theme was Broadway. I decided that, after the first dinner theater I volunteered with, I would never volunteer to work in the kitchen AGAIN. You see, our junior high has a kitchen nazi. This woman works for the school. She is about 4 feet tall. She is about 4 feet wide. She is a nasty little person who shouted condescending things, demanded rude things, and was basically awful to all the nice parents who were volunteering their time for the show.

Nope. Never in the kitchen again.

I volunteered to make, design, and copy the program. Ahhhh. No one yelled at me. No one shouted at me. No one demanded rude things of me. It was so sweeeet.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of my cute girls dressed in their fun costumes. Doesn't Kourtni look great with her stage make-up on? "Don't put any of that stuff on me!" she begged. Ummm, sorry, dear. You are going to be seen from the audience. So I used all my knowledge from a former life called "Drill Team", and painted her up like a doll. She looked fabulous! "West Side Story" songs were so fun! What stage presence! What teeth! What a cutie! I was sorry she didn't have any solo parts. Dang driver's ed. (That was her teacher's excuse for not giving her any of the solo parts - yeah, driver's ed...) I know. Oh, well, a girl's gotta learn to drive!

Lindsay was a nun from Sound of Music. No stage make up needed for her! But what a cute nun she made! She had a great time practicing for this. So did I... We would break into sound of music songs whenever we could. Hey, Lindsay, how do you solve a problem like Maria? heheh
The girl's got some good pipes. I know, I heard her in the shower, in her bedroom, in the car, in the kitchen, doing her homework... Nicely done Linds and Kourt!

Payton REALLY enjoyed the evening. The picture below tells the whole story! He also owes me $12.00 for the meal I bought and which he left virtually untouched. I mean, what kid doesn't eat brownies and ice cream??? (Turns out he was getting sick and stayed home from school the next day.) I don't think he'll ever go to another dinner theater again - and from the looks of it, we have a lot more to go to before these musically inclined daughters of ours graduate from high school. So the question now is, "How do we solve a problem like Payton?"


Alyssa Ball said...

hey tell Kourtni to give me back my belt at spring break! i miss that thing!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a fun-filled night! And I appreciate the heads up about working in the kitchen...I'll remember that for the future! :)

Aly G said...

Oh such talented Ball babies! Payton looks like he is having the time of his life!lol! So funny:)

The Lymans said...

What cute kids! I'm glad our drill team experience could help you 20 years later--I mean 10 years later :)

jo said...

I almost went to that!!! My neighbor, H. Moore, was Maria! Kourtni does look fabulous with those gorgeous teeth and drill team inspired make-up....cute girls!

Poor brother endured many choir concerts and dancing competitions thanks to me and my sisters.....poor guys!

I'm going to remember your advice on the kitchen natzi.....never know when I might need that :)