Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Houston, we have a GRADUATE!

Yeah, this pretty much sums up the feelings of our oldest daughter right now!

What a night for Alyssa and for our family: Grandma Virchow, Drake, and Morgan all came up to spend a few days with us celebrating.
Jeff surprised us by delivering Grandma Ball to the Taco Bell Arena after a trip to Idaho Falls to pick her up! (What a NICE guy!) He brought Tresa to the graduation, too! Since she is his wife!
Bill got strep throat during the afternoon and was completely bed ridden with body aches, head aches, swollen glands, and complete misery. He was able to make it to see his darling daughter walk across the stage but left a short time after she received her diploma.
(That is why you will see no pictures of Dad with his family... maybe we can "stage" another graduation photo op at a later date when he can remain upright for longer than 5 minutes...)
Tons of picture taking with Alyssa and her cute friends!
A trip to Flatbread (closed). A trip to Lucky 13 (closed). Finally a late night graduation dinner at the local IHOP for a delicious meal of omellettes, stuffed french toast, and pancakes..yummm
A newly liberated daughter off to an all-night party of air brushed tattoos, yucky Boondocks pizza, hypnotists, and a final good bye to many of her classmates.

What a night.
For those of you who have young children, a word or two of advice:
The next 7 to 10 years will absolutely fly by. Seriously. It will fly and you will find yourself wondering who this beautiful (or handsome) young woman (or man) is that was just barely born and just barely started Kindergarten.
Yep, you'll wonder where all those years went. You'll wonder who sped up the clock and who morphed your baby into a smart, intelligent, contributing member of society.
It flies by and you'll definitely wonder what the heck happened.

I know I do.


Aly G said...

So proud of that girl! She looks like she is graduating from College in these pics! She looks so mature and beautiful you should be so proud! Too bad Bill got so sick! At least there is a story behind it for memory sake right!?