Thursday, April 30, 2009

Top 5%

to see how proud we are of our Lyssie Lou!

Wow. Top 5% of her graduating class
one of 100 students in Boise who were honored at the
Century Scholars Awards Banquet.

Yep. We be proud!


Stephanie said...

How fantastic! You have a wonderful daughter there, and she has two great parents, obviously! How proud you must be!!

I miss seeing you at the gym, Kris! I've been doing P90X at home, and I love it, so I think I'll be quitting the I'm wasting is not a good thing. I do miss seeing you every morning, though!! Hope you're well!

jo said...

GO Alyssa!!! Good for her!!! Now, as for you Miss Kris....we all know you and Mr. Kris had a little something to do with that...I want to know your secrets for getting her there! SERIOUSLY!

Aly G said...

You should be soo proud! She sure has your smarts!