Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mountain Lions, Snakes, and Bears, OH, MY!!!

I'm not the world's best tent camper. Or overnight hiker. Or day hiker. Sure, I'll hike up Table Rock - heck, I'm close to civilization up there! But, please don't even talk to me about taking necessities in a pack on my back and climbing up high mountainous trails with bears and mountain lions lurking around each wooded turn of the trail. Nope, I'll stay close to where all the humans are, thank you very much.

So, needless to say, I have two reasons to start worrying about mountain lions, snakes, and bears, oh, my!

Reason #1: The Sawtooth Relay
A couple of my teaching/running buddies and I thought we should tackle the race from Stanley, Idaho, to Sun Valley. Easy enough: take 6 ladies, run 2 legs of about 5 miles a piece, enjoy the gorgeous scenery of the Sawtooth Mountains, ride in a van for the duration of time you're not running, play loud music to psyche us up, and basically just really enjoy the company and the experience.
Ummm, not too sure that this will be the case. You see, our team, The Kukimbia Kumamas, has a start time of 3:00.


And guess who's runner #1?

So, to recap:
I'm runner #1, starting my leg at 3:00 AM, on a dark mountain road, with who knows what kind of critters lurking on the dark sides of the road as I, all by myself, run 5.6 miles to where I hand off to runner #2.
AAAAAAHAHHHHH, I really don't like mountain lion, snakes, or bears at 3:00 in the morning on a dark mountain road!!!
Bill told me he would bring his motorcycle up and ride next to me while I run in case one of the said mentioned critters decides they want to make a 3 AM snack of me...
Isn't he the nicest husband? He doesn't want his wife to be alone on that scary mountain road.
I love him!

Reason #2: 4th year level leader at girls' camp
I love girls' camp. I loved it when I got to go to it as a girl and now that I'm an adult, I have loved going to it as the Young Women's President. Cabins to sleep in, food prepared by the camp director, swimming pool to swim in, a lodge relax in, etc... Yep, girls' camp is great - or so I thought until I found out the other night that I was needed to be in charge of the level 4 girls. No problem, I said. You have to go on an overnight hike with all the girls, she said. But I don't like to hike or camp or mountain lions or bears or snakes, I said. Laughter on the other end of the phone. No laughter on my end. More laughter on the other end. Seriously, I don't like those things, I said. That's ok, you'll have some other leaders with you, she said.

Hmmmm. Looks like I have a couple of things to worry about this summer.

Maybe Bill can ride up the mountain trail on his motorcycle, too?


jo said...

You are so funny! Although--I'd have to agree that running through the woods at 3 AM all by oneself really is NOT that funny. Isn't it crazy what we get ourselves into sometimes--not even meaning to!!! Good Luck...take some sticks and hit them together as you run :)

Amanda said...

Oh I'm so sad you aren't going to come run the Wasatch Back with us. But this relay sounds exciting too! I can't wait to hear all about it.

Lindsay Lou said...

MOM! No mountain lions or bears ae going to attack you(especially with all of those loud 4th year girl;) ) You'll be fine.

Stephanie said...

3:00 AM? Holy Cow! You're a dedicated woman! I'd be a little worried myself about all things you mentioned. I'm sure there's a mountain lion repellent spray somewhere--maybe Cabella's? You ROCK!

Wish I was going to girls' camp, but we'll be at our family reunion that week. I'm kinda sad I'll miss it now that I know you'll be there, too! :)