Saturday, April 11, 2009


My 8 favorite TV shows:
1. LOST! Man, oh, man, do I look forward to Wednesdays and all the utter confusion that show brings with it!
2. The Fat Show (The Biggest Loser) Nothing like a little Bob and Jillian to shake things up a bit with those slowly morphing into thin people contestants. I'm sad Sione is gone. :(
3. 24 - Yep, we love killing, shooting, espionage, illicit goings on under the covers, and such on a Family Home Evening night... Heathens, aren't we?
4. On The Road Again - Cooking show on PBS with Gwyneth Paltrow and a bunch of other foodies as they go through Spain eating and driving in beautiful cars while the wind rustles their hair ever so gracefully. They even make wine look yummy as they caress it in their mouth...
5. Saturday Night Live - OK, I am a heathen, but I love this show! Bad thing is, my kids also like it and that isn't a good thing. My favorite segment is Weekend Update but without Amy Poehler, it's just not the same.
6. TODAY Show - I can't get ready for school without this playing on my bedroom TV. It makes me anxious, nervous, and panicky about the economic future of our country, but for some sick reason, I love to listen to Matt and Meredith go on and on!
7. The Office - what more can I say? It's comedy done right! Another reason to love and look forward to Thursday night!
8. Survivorman - This dude is OVER THE TOP! But, hey, he's one calm, collected guy as the temperature plummets to 40 below or goes above 130! Love to see what cool ways he collects water, cools himself down, or takes apart a jeep to make butter. Yep, he's cool.

8 things I did yesterday:
1. Went to the gym at 5 am and did weights and elliptical - no running!
2. Taught 5th grade and enjoyed the afternoon while the class watched Bedtime Stories as part of our party we earned.
3. Helped plan a volunteer appreciation lunch with several ladies at school.
4. Sat down to read a paper and almost fell asleep.
5. Took Kourtni to her friend's house to watch scary movies.
6. Made salmon for dinner for Bill, Lindsay, and me.
7. Went to a movie with my honey - Taken - if you have teen aged, forward, independent daughters, you should take them with you. It's scary!
8. Picked up Kourtni and Hannah from their friend's house - no scary movies were watched!

8 favorite restaurants:
1. Cafe Rio - only in Utah, sigh. This place is the bomb! If you like Mexican food, and your name isn't Bill Ball, you'll love this place for its sweet pork and delicious tomatillo dressing. Oh, and for its yummy handmade tortillas. It has really good diet coke, too. Oh, you should also try the cheesecake flan and tres leches desserts also! Pure deliciousness!
2. Andrade's - only in Boise! Delicious chips, warm beans, and salsa! I love his seafood enchilada called Enchiladas Cancun. Yummmmm...
3. Macaroni Grill - love their bread and olive oil! Drool... They also make a great Penne Rustica that I order each time. And they have good chocolate cake too!
4. Sonic - yeah, I'm bad, and even though they get our order consistently wrong (must be the 6 different personalized orders we have to give them) I love their sonic burgers and Route 66 ginormous diet Coke with their delicious soft ice....ooooh, and don't forget to try a strawberry lemon cream slush! Heaven!
5. Cheesecake Factory - they have divine fried macaroni and cheese. Whoa, comfort food to the max!
6. Fanci Freeze - in Boise only. They have great shakes! Shake on the bottom and sundae on top. No lack of calories there!
7. Costco - love their $1.50 hot dog and diet Coke. Ummmmm! (Only once in a while though...)
8. JCW's - only in Utah. They serve up a mean burger and skin-on fries and they have the most outrageous shakes! They are monster sized and sort of monster priced as well. It's a great splurge though and I'm over the $40 lunch for me and 4 kids. Yep, I think I'm over it..

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1. Summer and the warm weather and the bike rides and the hikes with Jen in the morning and swim team and brown legs and fresh tomatoes and no schedules and the walks with Bill in the evening and the books I get to read and the family vacation we'll hopefully take and the excellent morning running temperatures and the cool air conditioning- yes, summer.
2. End of school. End of story.
3. Getting Robie Creek out of the way!
4. Training for a marathon this fall.
5. Getting a tan at the pool!
6. Getting a helmet so I can go for motorcycle rides with Bill!
7. Sleeping in a bit more this summer.
8. Catching up on the reading I want to do.

8 things on my wish list:
1. That our house was paid for.
2. That Bill was more happy with his job.
3. That I could have felt more at ease teaching 5th grade earlier than now.
4. That I could find comfortable, cute, stylish shoes to wear to school. My feet are paying the price and looking pretty un-cute. Why can't I find any?
5. That Alyssa will be happy and satisfied with her college choice!
6. That we could take the whole fam on a huge trip with warm water, warm sun, warm beaches in a very tropical locale.
7. A new Volvo hard top convertible - cherry red or black - either color will do, I'm not picky.
8. That Bill and I will have good health to enjoy all those years of retirement that will be here in less than 13 years... oh, and that we have enough money left in our 401K to be able to enjoy those years as well!

OK, I'm supposed to tag 8 people, so here goes!

1. Alyssa
2. Lindsay
3. Aly
4. Leslie
5. Terrie
6. Nisa
7. Amanda
8. Stephanie


Yeargains said...


You have to try Costa Vida in Eagle. It reminds me of Cafe Rio. Also...Barbacoa at Parkcenter is soooo yummy!!!


jo said...

You did it :) I haven't read your blog in a while :( Looks like you are still looking forward to Robie and your children are still getting older!!! I remmeber teaching Alyssa in primary..hello?!@!? Looks like she has everything lined up for fall (bitter sweet, eh) Aaron and I need to try Andrade's...sounds delicious...I forgot about fanci freeze...we go there, too :) Thanks for sharing...that was fun to read!

Sweetest Of All said...

Hey girl! I just saw Alyssa photo on Sara Boulters Blog! How did you find her. She's wonderful! Alyssa looks awesome (like her mum)! Wow, she's really really really grown up!

Aly G said...

So glad to see JCW's made the cut! I just love reading anything you type or write! Taken is a scary movie right?! Now I am craving cheesecake factory! Thanks!

Lori said...

I LOVE LOST, The Office, and the Biggest Loser. yes yes I do.

A marathon, eh? Woo woo!!! YAY!