Saturday, June 7, 2008

20 years of wedded bliss!

June 3, 1988 - yep, that was 20 years ago. It's weird how 20 years have passed so quickly since Bill and I were married. Here's what's happened in those years: lived in the honeymoon cabin for 3 months in Menteview, Idaho, commuted to work in Idaho Falls (1 hour both ways - gas was probably about $1.19 a gallon...), moved to a one bedroom house in Rexburg and paid $150.00 a month in rent, Bill worked for CAL Ranch stores making about $3.00 an hour (we were rich!), Kris worked for Madison Memorial Hospital in the PT department, Bill graduated from Ricks and we moved to Boise, lived in the tiny apartments called the Manor, both of us went to BSU, I worked for a chiropractor, Bill worked at night for UPS, had a baby named Alyssa! Wow, we were so happy to have a baby so cute! Graduated from BSU (Kris) got a job with the Boise School District, Bill still working at UPS taking care of Alyssa - or should I say Alyssa taking care of herself during her breakfast time??? slipping out of her high chair to get over to the tv! Bill graduated from BSU, went to work full time for UPS (It was between that and working full time at the Boise temple cleaning it at night. um. well. UPS! for sure), we had another beautiful daughter we named Kourtni, and by this time we had moved into our new house in southeast Boise, a short 19 months later Lindsay joined the clan and Kris grew tired of spending her income on daycare so she resigned from public education and started Kris' Krew Preschool. Payton joined the fam in 1998 woohoo a boy!!! Bill continued to work and UPS and Kris at preschool and, no, it was not a daycare!!! :) Time has flown and so have the children's growing up years. We now have a 17 year old who works a job, volunteers at the hospital, prepares for college, has fun with friends, and acts grown up most of the time! A 13 year old who is following in her sister's footprints with good grades, she is sweet, still calls me "mommy", and is a great daughter. An 11 year old who is creative, smart, ambitious, and still likes to hang out with her mom. (her mom likes to hang out with her, too!) And a 10 year old who lets me kiss him in front of his friends (at least this week he is still willing to let me do that!), loves football, PSP, Sports Illustrated for Kids, and TV.

We've seen a lot of things happen in the last 20 years! It's hard to believe I've been in this relationship for over half of my life. wow. It's been the best 20 years I could have hoped for. Not only did I marry the love of my life, but I married my best friend who has continued to love me no matter my flaws, my terrible dinners, my lack of housecleaning, my disorganization, my obsession with weight and fitness, or the amount of time it takes me to "get ready for bed"! I love you, Alfred William, and I know that love gets stronger each year! Here's to another great 20 years, Mr. Ball!


Ashlee said...

Good job, you got the music going! :D I'm excited you guys have blog now!

Ashlee said...

....have A blog now