Saturday, May 31, 2008

Five Ticks

Lindsay speaking:
Hello. So lately when I have been petting Griffey, (our dog) I've been feeling weird lumps on his neck. Then I looked and saw a brown bump and you guessed it; it was a tick. Actually it wasn't a tick, it was 5 ticks! Warning: Stop reading this if I'm grossing you out! Anyways,
today, Dad and I gave Griffey a bath and we got the evil, blood-sucking bugs off of him. Griffey does NOT like getting baths, especially when its with cold water from the hose. When Dad would stop washing Griff, he would run to me (because I'm so nice to him) and then I had to bring him to Dad. So after we got the ticks off of Griffey, Mom said I should smash them with a hammer but Dad said it would be too GROSS! I agree and I bet all of you do too. So I just flushed them down the toilet. (twice) Anyways, we start swim team at the Natatorium pool on June 9th. Mom says we are going to ride our bikes over there at least 3-4 times a week. I'm game with that because I just got a new cruiser bike! Its a spear mint color with Hawaiian flowers on it.So, yeah. Have a good day!