Thursday, June 26, 2008

Momo, Shlomo, MoShmo, Morgie...

After our quick trip to Utah, we decided Morgan needed a change of scenery and we took her back to Idaho with us for a week and a half. I think she was hesitant at first to leave her mom, dad, grandma, assorted cousins, aunts, and uncles. But, hey, what's a summer vacation when you stay home? Huh?

She made her decision to come, packed up her bag, grabbed her pillow and blanket (must haves), and hit the long road to Boise, Idaho!

Of course we didn't want to bore her with our routines, so we tried to do something different each day. Most days began with swim team and Morgan got to feel the 7:30 AM breeze through her hair as we rode our bikes to swim team practice! I'm sure she was thinking "What kind of mother makes her children ride to a place where they have to swim about a mile, and then get on their bikes and ride back home???" Yep, that's me, the mean mom!

Here are some pictures to show what we did during her stay with us. Enjoy!

A new swimming suit - Aunt Kris approved -

So tired! A nap is definitely needed.

S'mores and poses , anyone???

Braids, braids, and more braids!

I'll pay you $10 to run through in your clothes...

Shaved ice, yummmm! Kourtni didn't want any...boohoo.

This is so relaxing - just don't fall in...

We love our dads! Happy Father's Day 2008!

We taught Morgan the "funny face" game while squished in the back seat of the Corolla!

No boogey men got us after we slept on the tramp! Mom's thankful!

Prettiest rose in the rose garden!

Playing with stuff at Sephora. We loved the bronzer, lip gloss, and eye shadow.


Ashlee said...

haha, she told us about the 6 miles to swim practice...we asked her "both ways?" she said "no, each way.." hahaha She's such a good sport, and so are your kids!!!! Sounds like you guys had a fun time :D

Morgan said...

OOHH!! i so need these pics! I love them all EXEPT the one Were im in the Swiming suit! My mom is still a little Iffy on it! HAHAHAHHAHA OOPPPSS!! Oh well! I did have a blast it was awosme!! I do love the one were im sleeping! Do you have more pics of me if so please send then to me!!