Friday, June 15, 2012

Easter Ball Babies

It's just Payton and me tonight.  The girls and Bill have gone to play like they are homeless about 1.5 hours away.  (AKA Camping)  Blechy.Yucky.No-thank-you-very-much.  Oh, well, Pate and I weren't invited anyway since this camp out was only for fathers and daughters.  

Typical for Payton and me when we are by ourselves, we head on over to The Sizzler and grab us up some overpriced grub.  He: the steak and unlimited, deep fried, minuscule, baby shrimp complete with fries, his beloved cheese toast, and a frosty Dr. Pepper.  Me: the salad bar of course.  Tonight I was definitely tempted to snag an avocado or two and plant them in my purse for future guac, but I resisted and just went with my three platefuls of salad.  Yep, 3 I tell you.  Surprisingly delicious, this trip with minimum Nascar loving, plaid flannel shirt wearing, tattoo commenting, lumberjack looking patrons.

Aaaaanyway, on with the updating.  Heaven knows I'm doing this for my family's benefit so I need to keep documenting and writing my rememberings down for future Ball's!

Easter this year was a vast improvement from previous years. I actually went to the store, bought a variety of candy, purchased small gifts for each child, and put everything out for display on the kitchen table Easter morning.  What?  I know that's what your typical Easter entails, but for some reason, Easter always creeps up on me and before I know it, there are only circus peanuts and peachy rings as the candies of choice.  And, hey, at least I didn't just buy each kid a bag of candy and call it good like in 2009.  (Still trying to forget that year...)

I always feel guilty taking pictures without Lyss.  I hate to be Lyss-less!

Haha, not sure what we're doing in this one, but my fingers usually smell really good.

Putting your hand above the subject in a photo is a an old photography trick. 
 Um, yeah, it really isn't.

Kourtni and Padre.

Lindsay and Daddy.

Payton and Dad.

It was a beautiful spring morning on which to remember the atonement of, and worship our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.


jo said...

Happy Easter!

The previous post had me giggling because Emily and I did the same thing when Aaron and the boys went on the Father and Sons!!! I learned it from my mother and Emily has now learned it from me :)

I also put her in my room to sleep and locked the door...YIKES! I don't like being home without Aaron at night ;( Glad to see I'm in good company...or maybe we're just both crazy...either, way....nobody's coming through our!!!

The Lymans said...

I wish they did Father and daughter campouts in my ward! I would have the whole house to myself! I might have to borrow a few chairs for my doors that night though... :)