Sunday, July 22, 2012

That @#$%& Tooth!

Besides the normal fun, laziness, trips, and leisure that the summer brings with it, this summer has also been...

 (cue oppressive music. DUN DUN DUN...)

The summer of THE TOOTH.
My tooth.
My very back bottom molar tooth.
I think the dentist likes to call it #18.  I'll call her "Pearl".
I've become very attached to her and she really makes chewing food enjoyable.

You see, Pearl has a mind of her own.  She has a serious condition that the dental community likes to call "Internal Resorption".  
Yikes.  Sounds kind of scary.  
Yeah, it is kind of scary.  

This tooth of mine that I've had in my mouth for around 33 years has decided that she wants to "eat herself" from the inside out.
That's not good, people.  Not good at all.  

It means that my beloved tooth will eventually be a hollow shell of herself.  

And that's not good, people.  Not good at all.  

Because, you need that very back molar.  And if it's a hollow shell it's not good for much of anything. (Except for chipping and falling out of my mouth like little broken pieces of chalk.) yuck. 

(Cue violin music playing "My Heart Bleeds for You.")

Long story short, I went to the dentist, had to go to an endodontist, went back to the endodontist, had a partial root canal with lots and lots of numbing novacaine, was saddened to hear that my tooth wouldn't be able to be saved (GASP), got another opinion from another dentist, and still another opinion from another dentist (Thanks, Nick :)), had my partial root canal finished, and now, I'm waiting for "Pearl" to stop being a spoiled rotten brat.  Yep, she's killing me.  Giving me jawaches, pain, headaches, and overall discomfort.  Where.Is.The.Love?  We've been together for 33 years!  

I'll show her though.  I'll go back in to the dentist, get numb AGAIN, receive my treatment, have her ground down to a nub, and get a beautiful, gleaming, shiny, porcelain crown veneer.  That no one can see.  Because it's in the far recesses of my mouth.  Sheesh.  

I think I'll name her "Cubic Zirconium."


Steph said...

I'm sorry to hear about Pearl...but I think you should get some 'bling' on the newbie when you get it...perhaps a ruby! :) Hope you feel better soon! :) BTW: you have the most beautiful daughters! I saw them last night at the fireside...breathtaking!!!

The Lymans said...

Ouch! Physically and financially!

kristina said...

Glad you're breaking up with Pearl. She sounds like a mess! 33 years is a long time, what a heart-break! but glad to see you're re-bounding with "Cubic Zirconium."

I think Hidden Creek Dental have the best dentists EVER! :)