Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Moostaches" and a small snippet of Christmas

This was probably the most fun gift of the day... Too bad we had to share it!

But I can't forget these hand knitted beauties. They were one of the faves as well!

Knitted by none other than Lyssie Lou herself. Wish I could say I taught her those fierce knitting skills...I'll leave that to YouTube.

...More Christmas updates to come. I know you're super excited.


jo said...

Love it. Those glasses are hilarious. I'm really loving those scarves. Alyssa? If it is her...Wow...she has come a long way from youtube...good for her!

Aly G said...

I can't believe Alyssa made those!!?? Wow! She could sale them and you three could be her models! I want I want!! I may have to put a bug in her ear!;) Loving the mustache glasses! Xoxo