Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mama Bear at the Movies

This holiday season has been one of shopping, eating, and movie seeing. We took the kids to a couple of movies and I really enjoyed adoring Robert Downey, Jr.'s hair, quirky personality, and wit. I also admired Tom Cruise's Ray Banned face, stunts, and smarts. Studs, I tell ya. Both of them, pure studs.

Our family enjoys a good movie complete with stadium seating, gifted movie tickets, and crowds galore.

What I don't enjoy is the occasional doofus who sits in front of one of my children and turns around to tell my child to quit kicking his chair.

Doofus: (Turning around) "Quit kicking my chair."

Me: (leaning over to Payton who is 3 seats away) "Did you kick his chair?"

Payton: Shaking his head "no".

Me: Settling back in to enjoy Tom and his chiseledness - is that a word?

Ten minutes later...

Doofus: (Turning around) "Quit kicking my chair!"

Me: (Leaning over to Payton who is three seats away) "Payton, are you kicking this guy's chair?"

Payton: Looking shocked and shaking his head "no".

Me: (to the doofus in a loud whisper) "He's not kicking your chair. His legs aren't long enough to reach your chair. Leave him alone and turn around and watch the movie!"

Doofus: Turned around and watched the movie for the rest of the evening.

Me: (Heart pounding out of my chest leaning over to Kourtni): "Keep your legs very still, I don't want to pick another fight!"

Yeah, I'm a grizzly mama bear when it comes to defending my children. Don't mess with me, especially in a dark movie theater cuz I will. take. you. on.

Tom Cruise has definitely worn off on me. Sheesh.

"Don't you be messin' wit our momma."


Aly G said...

Oh no he dihhhhhuuuunnntt!!? What a stupid Dufus! I sure wouldn't want to mess with you!! I wish I could have been there! I am sure your heart was pounding! Oh the mother bear is in us all I am afraid, and with a little German Virchow mixed in...don't go there! That picture cracked me up at the end!! Xoxo!!
P.s. Did you stay seated till Dufus left afterwards so it wasn't awkward?;)

The Ball Babies said...

Aly, I didn't even look his way. Just turned to face Bill and stood up to leave opposite doofus' direction. It was a bit awkward, but the guy was so stupid I didn't really care! Got my adrenaline going, that's for sure!!!

The Lymans said...

Doofus was obviously not as mesmerized by Tom Cruise as you were if he was busy picking a fight with one of my nicest friends!

I can totally see you nicely telling him to get a life!