Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloweird This Year

Oh, Halloween, 2010. Where did you go?

Was it because I had the world's worse head cold and laryngitis last week that I didn't even know you came and went? Was it because most of my kids weren't too concerned with dressing up and trick or treating this year? Was it because you fell on a Sunday that I really didn't pay too much attention to you? Maybe it's because only one of my children expressed interest in buying and carving a pumpkin? Sorry, Halloween, but you seem to have lost your allure in our household. Gone are the days of planning, sewing, driving around town, hot gluing, and sequining those costumes of my children's childhood. This year we resorted to this:

It's called: "dump out the Halloween boxes on the kitchen table to see if there is anything we can throw together since we've been invited to a party on Halloween and even though no one else is going to dress up we need to be different and show up in costume." Whew.

Here's what we threw together for our party at the Hruby's:

Yes, I actually did wear those overalls in the 90s. Good thing I kept them for future use as a farmer's daughter costume. Yeah, wore the shirt too - hey, it's from Eddie Bauer!

Yep, Lindsay actually wore that witch's dress when she was 7 or 8 years old. Oh, the tights, too.

Did you recognize our youngest basketball playing child? Thank goodness. Hard to tell what look he was going for - all I know is that I refused to spray paint his hair neon pink one more time. Sorry, Pate, pink hair is NOT a costume to your mother.

Me. As a first grader. Or Minnie Mouse. Or a crazy runner. Or a stressed out, laryngitis stricken, report cards on the brain first grade teacher. Whatever you want me to be, I'm there. It was a ROUGH week! Blech.

Thanks to my ingenious brother, we threw this beauty together for a hilarious fit of laughter from everyone in attendance! Yeah, betcha didn't know that Bill got his Secondary Ed degree from BSU with an emphasis on Physical Education did ya? It's his inner gym teacher coming out in FULL FORCE!

Of course we're missing one child who actually did have a ball celebrating "Halloweek" down in zoobieland. She was a Blackberry and an Indian (From India). I was so impressed with her Halloween skills. Sorry, Lyss, you would have been either extremely disgusted with the rest of your family or highly impressed with our recycling abilities! (And try as I might, I could not download any pictures of you from your FB album in costume onto this post. Sorry, honey.)


Lori said...

ahahahahahahaahaha. i don't think i could EVER convince my husband to do that. oh that's awesome.

Aly G said...

You just made my night!!! Mom and I are just reading your blog and busting a gut laughing at Billy!! What a Shocker!! He is looking mighty fine these days!LOL!! Love the Recycled Costumes!!:)