Friday, October 15, 2010

Four Eyes...FINALLY!

This picture has nothing to do with glasses, but I thought she looked so cute with her Keds and rolled up jeans I had to take a picture!

So what do you do with a child who has been telling you for months that she is having a hard time seeing? That when her teachers asked if there was something they should know about her at the beginning of the school year she told them she had a hard time seeing from far away and needed to sit at the front of the room? That she couldn't see the road signs and license plates of other cars? That when she's on TV each morning as she reads Blazer News, she needs to borrow some kid's glasses or memorize what she's supposed to read on screen?

Do you ignore that? Dismiss it? Just smile at her? Procrastinate getting an eye doctor appointment because of the dread mother has of being alone with an eye doctor in a darkened room and him being so close you can smell/feel his breath?
I did.
Mom of the Year Award coming right up!

Well, folks, we have a straight A student here. A girl who takes life, school, service, church, homework, progress reports, and basically everything else VERY seriously!

OK, OK, so I got her an appointment.
We have excellent benefits - saved $386 since we have awesome eye coverage.
90 bucks for those cute glasses. Yep, Mom of the Year award coming right up!

Lindsay was in awe.
"Everything is so clear! Does everyone see this well? Is everything really this clear? It looks like a pop-up book!"

I was in awe as well.
"Your room will look a lot dirtier when you get home than it did when you left."

You can't wipe the smile off her face now. And when she reads this, it will definitely look like a pop-up book.


jo said...

Poor Lindsay! She'll have to get some prescription goggles for swimming...makes a big difference!

Glad she can now see :)

You're still a contender for the mother of the year award BTW!!!

The Lymans said...

I hope she has told you how much prettier you are with her new glasses! She looks so cute. I cringe when I think of my very first glasses!

Aly G said...

Oh she looks SO darling with FOUR eyes!!!! I got prescription glasses while in Dental school and I was shocked at how clear everything was too!! (I don't wear them too often though because I don't look as cute as LINs!!) You are such a good momma!! Did the docs breath stink?lol!