Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A No Good, Very Bad Day

Today was a no good, very bad day.

5 children went to the "red" - that's BAD in first grade.

1 child slapped another on the face. That's BAD in any grade.

2 children told the music teacher they were not afraid of going to the principal - they'd been there before. That's EXTREMELY BAD in first grade.

4 children sauntered in from recess 10 minutes late. That's just plain old fashioned ANNOYING.

2 children laughed and talked while I was talking. That's BAD in Mrs. Ball's class.

1 child was/is/always will be concerned about what/where/why/when everyone else is at/doing/being. That's just enough to make me want to be EXTREMELY RUDE. That's BAD for Mrs. Ball to be extremely rude.

I just want to go someplace warm, humid, sandy, watery, massage"y", facial"y", and where there is good chocolate I can eat while I enjoy beforementioned adjectives.

I think I deserve a couple of these. Don't you? (What the heck, I'm eating about 6 right now 'cuz I don't really care what anyone thinks.)

...think I'm starting to think like a 1st grader.


jo said...

I can't imagine you being rude or eating MUST have been a no good, very bad day...maybe go to Australia?:)

Yeargains said...

Just think Kris, I have a first grader at home....all the time....for atleast 11 more years!
She has her moments. She has to take a "self awareness" class. Shes quite the little ring leader. She picks and chooses her friends for the day and the others will just have to wait for another day. (Are you kidding me..not in Miss Lisa's house she isn't!)

Thanks for all the kids that you teach...even if you don't have mine.

P.S. Mommatrainer...awesome

Lori said...

i apologize for all the first graders in the world. my daughter is one right now... and well, yaaaaah. you're a saint.

eat away, my dear. eat away.

Amanda said...

I like you. Will you be my friend?

Lindsay Lou said...

I'm sorry mom that those kids are bad. But those Reeses were reallllyy good! Maybe you should have bad days more often (haha I'm just kidding).

Aly G said...

Oooh I have never seen the DARK ones! I must try thanks alot!

Sweetest Of All said...

Eat Up GIRL!