Monday, January 25, 2010

Goin' to the doctor and I'm gonna get better..

Yes, I finally did it.

After a couple of months of complaining loudly to anyone who would listen and to anyone who wouldn't,
and after a couple of months of becoming best friends with Advil,
and after a couple of months of climbing and climbing and climbing the stair machine at Gold's,
and after a couple of months of clean running shoes,
and after a couple of months of feeling like an 82 year old,
and after a couple of months of thinking it would just go away,
and after a couple of months of Bill telling me I needed to go see someone, I finally did it!

I made the call to The Sports Medicine Institute of Idaho.
I hope they are nice to me.
I hope they don't say I will never run again due to the unfixable damage I have incurred upon myself.
I hope they don't make me do hard stretches or strange contortions (Bill frowns upon hard stretches and strange contortions - he feels they hurt more than they help.)
I hope they don't want me to take heavy drugs - I'm a lightweight!
I hope they do give me good news.
I hope they make the pain that churns in my right butt cheek and radiates to my right hip and slinks its way down my right leg and causes me excruciating discomfort GO AWAY.
I hope my insurance pays for this.
I hope I will be whole once again.

Wish me luck.


Lindsay Lou said...

Oooooh, Mom I hope that stuff too. I bet that every thing will be fine and that you will be able to run in no time! Hooray for being optimistic!

The Lymans said...

Good luck, Kris! I'm hoping it's a quick fix and you'll be off and running in no time!

Aly G said...

I didn't know anything was wrong! You are going to be just fine girlie! You have the best most in shape body there is. Can't wait to see ya and hear all about it:)

Tod and Jen said...

Hope all goes well. When is your appointment? Let us knw what the doc says asap. I am so proud of you for settin up the appointment. That is for sure the first step. So sorry you have been in pain for so long.

Stephanie said...

I hope they can help you run again!! You're awesome!!

Trainer Momma said...

I definitely am curious to see what is going on... Keep up posted! Good for you for taking care of this.

Anonymous said...

Kris, this is your lost Aunt Elsie. Ray gave me your blog address (loved your Christmas card) You are a good writer. I have the "left" butt cheek pain diagnosed from my dr as a pyraformis muscle pull. It's the muscle the cyatic nerve passes through (thus the shooting pain down the leg). I feel 102 yrs if you feel 82! PT and rest. It's getting better.