Saturday, February 7, 2009


Wow. For the first time I've been tagged! Cool, huh?
Thanks, Terrie!

I went to my fourth folder and opened my fourth picture.

We took the family to Yellowstone about 4 years ago and amazed the kids with hot mud, hot water, lots of trees, lots of elk, no bears, pretty scenery (at least it was to Billy and me!), lots of farty sulphur smells, oodles of Chinese tourists, plenty of driving, and Bill's fanny pack holding all of our essentials! heehee... Let's just say that Yellowstone was not a favorite destination for the children... Next time, it will just be Mom and Dad!

It's funny that I opened this particular picture of a "vacation" when Bill and I were just talking about how we NEED to go on another trip. Soon. Somewhere tropical, warm, and tan inducing.

OK, guys, I tag Ashlee, Amy, Tracy, and Aly.


Tim and Terrie (tnt) said...

Your welcome Kris ;o)

I love Yellowstone...need to go back.

I hope you have a fun vacation where ever you end up going with lots of memories. And maybe even a tan...Ha,ha,ha

Tracy said...

oh, how fun! Okay - I'll play!! Thanks! By the way - we are planning on Yellowstone this summer - don't let your kids tell our kids they didn't like it!!! :)

jo said...

I love that I'm old !!!! But, I remember going as a kid and not getting much out of it :) If you ask Alec where he'd like to go on a vacation...he'll probably say Yellowstone. It started a while back and he has this urge to get to Yellowstone???STRANGE:) Thanks for the's fun to play in blog world:)