Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ten year old heartthrob

Recently I had this conversation with a girl in my class:

Student: Mrs. Ball, you know your son Payton?
Me: Yes, I do know him.
Student: Well, I think he's really cute!
Me: Me, too!
Student: Well, you know those candy grams we can buy here at school?
Me: Yes.
Student: Well, I'm going to buy him one and I was wondering if you'd give it to him, but don't tell him who it's from.
Me: Okaaaay. Sure.
Student: Thanks! He's sooo cute!
Me: (Thinking to myself) Yes, he is cute and you need to mind your p's and q's, turn your homework in on time, develop some better manners, and quit being so boy crazy before I give you my permission to think he's cute.

On the day before the day before Valentine's day:
Me: Hey, Payton, I have some things for you.
Payton: What are they?
Me: Oh, just a few candy grams and a valentine from some girls in my class.
Payton: Making a face: I don't want any of that stuff. It's weird. They're weird.
Me: Ok, you can give the candy to your sisters, they'll like it.
Payton: Rethinking the situation: No, no, I'll eat it.
Me: Thinking to myself: Weird or not, you like the candy, huh, little man? Just keep remembering how good candy is and how you don't like it when girls are boy crazy around you. Just keep remembering!!!


Sweetest Of All said...

Man if I were like. . . how old is he again. . . if I were like 20 years younger. . .
*) smile!

Stephanie said...

And things like this are just starting!! Look at all the fun you have to anticipate!! :)

jo said...

What a great "heartthrob" picture! He is a cutie...and a nice kid to boot. Keep those crazy (scary?) girls away...I know you'll have your eye on 'em, anyway;)