Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Turkeys

HaPpY TuRkEy DaY!!!

Yay! A season of eating and counting blessings has begun. Here's some things that I'm thankful for this season:

I'm thankful for silky soft blonde hair that Payton lets me endlessly run my fingers through. He's a trooper when it comes to letting his mom love him - he is my baby after all even though he's 10! He is so fun to have around: to tease, to play with, to give kisses to, and to be in awe of his incredible talent of catching quarters on his ELBOW!!! heehee
Love ya, Patey.

I'm thankful for a 12 year old daughter who still likes to hang out with her mom and have meaningful and fun conversations. I love the way she listens to me and wants my opinion on stuff! Yay! (One out of four kids ain't bad!!!) Let's hope it continues - check in next year at this time!
Love ya, Linds!

I'm thankful for a daughter who exhibits such devotion to friends and family. She's a friend to so many and loves to laugh and have fun - especially at 11:00 at night when she's toilet papering her friend's houses. This kid is always looking for something fun to do and if she can't find something, she's texting someone to find something.
Love ya, Kourt!

I'm thankful for a daughter who is independent, motivated, funny, and smart. She knows a lot about a lot and, at such a young age, I am impressed with her depth. Next year at this time it will be a sweet reunion as she visits from college - I can't believe I just said that. She was just born, you know!
Love ya, Lyss!

I'm thankful for the guy that listens to me, eats what I put in front of him, laughs at my silly remarks, pays our bills, makes money to pay our bills, supports me, lets me vent, buys feminine products for the women in this family without batting an eye, and loves me for ME!
Love ya, Alfred!

OK, we took the picture right after he unbuttoned his shirt to get out of his church clothes.

Just a few more things to be thankful for:
$1.77 gallon of gas
2 days of no paper correcting

shopping at 5 in the morning with my girls
sleeping in past 4:45 am
seeing how the light fills the house at times of day when I'm usually at school
a new sports braaaaaahhh
cleaning things I usually don't have time to clean - yay!

It's the little things, isn't it?

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving day, Thanksgiving dinner, and post-Thanksgiving shopping trips!


Lindsay Lou said...

Mom, I'm thankful for you! I love you so much. You are the best.:)
Love Lindsay*

Stephanie said...

Hi Kris,

My sub # is 8249 if you need it. I put it on my calendar!! Yay.