Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shine On

Mom: "My, that looks like it hurts. Did you cry when it happened?" Him: "A little."
Mom: "Did you go to the nurse?" Him: "Yep."
Mom: "Did she give you some ice?" Him: "Yep."
Mom: "Did you keep playing football?" Him: "Yep."

We had FuN watching the colorful changes of the bruising of Payton's eye take place during the course of a week, then, overnight, he was back to his normal, white skin tone. Mother Nature is really something!

It's fun having a boy hanging around.


Ashlee said...

Every boy has to have a black eye AT LEAST once! I'm glad he's healed!!

Stephanie said...

Gotta love the shiner! Max always takes pride in his bruises. Must be a boy thing.

jo said...

Nice. Payton can now check "get a nice shiner" off the list of "must dos" in childhood. Sounds like he was very brave....don't ya love the YEP answers to everything....That's how Alec is! Never wants to share TOO much information.....SILLY BOYS!