Friday, September 26, 2008

It's all relative...

I was reading a blog of a friend of a co-worker's sister - in - law, of a mother's aunt's neighbor...Yep, sometimes I get carried away with the blogs I read WHEN I get the time...There are just so many fun links! It's a fetish, I know.

AAAAANYWAY...I read a blog recently that voiced disgust by being told she looked like Sarah Palin. Now, I'm not sure who I'm voting for in this year's election. I get annoyed at John McCain's voice, I get annoyed at Sarah Palin's voice - too nasally, I get annoyed at Barack Obama's um, um, um, way of talking, and I don't even like Joe Biden. This election is like comparing airplane food and school cafeteria food and trying to decide which food you'd rather eat, but, again, I digress.

I'm not a fan of Mrs. Palin's nasal tone, but I do think she has great hair - although I think the updo needs a little downdo more often- she has beautiful skin for a 44 year old woman, and she seems to be in great shape. So, as a 41 year old woman, of course I compare the lack of lines on her face, forehead, and jowls, to the apparent ones on mine. All in all, she looks pretty rockin' for a grandma - to - be. Well, the blogger I mentioned didn't know who Sarah Palin was or what she looked, where has she been??? Does she have a tv or look at any magazines??? She looked up Sarah online to see what her features entailed and she was SO OFFENDED that someone would have the audacity to compare her to a 44 year old woman. Oh, the atrocity! The misery and disgust of a 44 year old woman's features! I felt so sorry for that "young" woman blogger person whomever... Sheesh!

Oh, well, I guess that's like me being compared to someone who is 55 - Hillary Clinton maybe?

I am so offended.


Jenn and Tyler said...

You should be! You are hilarious and just for the record, if I look as rockin hot as you do when I catch up I will be in a great place! There's no way you look like you're 40ish. And hey, I get a little carried away blog stalking to. It's kinda fun, but yeah, where in the world has "that" blogger been? Can't believe she didn't know who Sarah Palin is, and I do! DO you know how often a 3 year old lets a mother watch what she wants?! Let's be honest here.
Love the post. Ditto.

Amanda said...

That is hilarious! And really you must live in a cave not to know who Sarah Palin is right now. Have you seen the Saturday Night Live spoofs on her? They are quite hilarious! You should look them up! And p.s. you look great!