Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thanksgiving break + a little time = a new post

First off, the date today is really November 20...disregard the date above. I'm a computer dork and don't know how to fix it... Carry on:

There comes a time each fall when most people are more thankful than at any other time of the year. You guessed it: Thanksgiving. I'm also very thankful for Thanksgiving: the food, the pumpkin desserts in abundance, the smells, the weather, the love, the (gas) fire in the (gas) fireplace, and a wonderful family whom I adore!

There is another reason I get absolutely giddy with thanks at this time of year...

One whole week off from school!

Oh, my goodness, how I am thankful for this week off from the alarm clock, from planning lessons, from chaotic mornings, and from rushing here and there to find things for school.

Yep, I (and every other teacher in my school district) and EXTREMELY grateful for this week of bliss and celebration!

Oh, and it also gave me a little time to put some pictures on this pathetic ole blog! Enjoy! (I know I will!!)

Here is a little peek of some things that have been going on this fall here at the Ball's:

Yep, when we get together we love to eat and be photographed enjoying the food...

Mr. and Mrs. Seth Roth! What a great looking couple, no?

Four of the Ball boy cousins - Payton, Ryker, Ryan, and Preston.

Aren't the backs of their heads ridiculous??

Candid shot of the very candid Ball gang.

We didn't even try to coordinate and look how great these gals look! Lindsay, Brynlee, Kourtni, and Alyssa.

Two blue-eyed beauties - and best friends/cousins. So sweet.

The family at sweet Grandma Burleigh's funeral in Evanston. What a beautiful day to celebrate her life. A wonderful program with lots of family to see and re-acquaint ourselves with.

Mom and her kids minus Kenyon who had to catch his flight to Hawaii.

A labor day bike ride - yeah, we still can't get enough of the baby of the bunch. We love to hold him whenever we can...

Lindsay took to cross country running like a pro. She was born to run.

First day of 11th grade. Where has the time gone...

My newest sophomore, little Lindsay. sigh.

The stud of the eighth grade...(at least in mom's eyes!)

Summer lovin' (note the tans...) and summer birthdays!

Two chocolate cream pies from the truck stop, please. Yes, it was a request and, yes, they really were from a truck stop. Delicious, too!

Little trekkers off to the Owyhee desert for 3 days to get a taste of what the pioneers faced. Bill and I got a taste of what empty nesting will feel like: WIERD!!


Lori said...

you deserve a week off! my kids teachers work so hard, i can only imagine how tired you are!

your kids are gorgeous. what a fun family you have.

Tracy said...

Love the update! Yay! I LOVED the back of the heads comment - but "ridiculous" definitely needs to be spelled "ridikkulus" - ha ha!! Hope your Thanksgiving was perfect!

Britni Ward said...

Since when did the Ball family start growing up?!!? Holy cow. I can't believe it has been almost 8 years since I first met all of you! I love this family :)

Aly G said...

Loved all the pics, what a treat! Your kids are beautiful, including the Payton boy!! So fun to see what they have been doing!! Glad you had some time off with that family of yours! P.S. what is Billy putting in his mouth in the first pic that is red? Jam? Hmmmm.