Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beau-dilocks and Leslie

When I first met Bill, his nephew Beau was just a little guy, about 4 years old. He was so cute and had such darling curls. He said funny things, too.

Beau and Bill in Bill's red Toyota Celica. Bill stopped on the side of the highway. Pulled over for speeding. Again.

Beau: "Uncle Bill, that policeman he has a gun and he'll shoot you."

Bill: Speechless.

Fast forward about 20 years to July 19, 2010, in the Draper Temple:

One of the most good looking couples I've seen emerge from a wedding. What you can't see is Beau's fist pumping and Leslie's strutting! Priceless.

Lyss and me (with my fresh color and cut - aahhhh, thanks, Teressa) waiting in the wind and rain for the bride and groom to emerge.

Lexi and Lyss in front of the golf course that I thought was a cliff. This was where the reception was held - complete with a ring ceremony, photo booth,


more dancing,

a beautiful view of the Salt Lake Valley at sunset time (my favorite time of day! and with my favorite person in the whole wide world. ahhh.),

and all my kids together again - it felt so good to see them all together - dressed up and happy to be there. I sleep better when my kids are all under the same roof.
Oh, yeah, right beside Payton is Beau's hand. heehee

And what wedding wouldn't be complete without beautiful flowers and a beautiful 19 year old who definitely IS NOT ready to get married ANY TIME SOON!
(I did that just for you, Alyssa, even though Kourtni wants to marry you off soon so she can drive the Corolla...)

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Beau-dilocks Murphy!


Lori said...

these pictures make me miss utah so much.

what cute kids you have. yes yes.

tball said...

great post...it definitely was a fabulous time and for a lovely couple. also nice to see your whole fam together again. :)

ps, would you also email me the pics you took of jeff and I?

Amanda said...

Oh it makes me happy to see your cute little family all together again!
And of course Alyssa isn't getting married anytime soon. She's waiting for my cute brother who is currently serving in Italy RIGHT??? So she's got at least 2 more years. ;)

Aly G said...

How fun! Looks like you guys danced your little butts off! You look great Kris!